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Lee Extended Family Session in St. Peters City Park

A few weeks ago, Shannon came to me and said that her parents were going to be in town and she really wanted pictures with them and her whole family. Her parents weren't able to come to Kenzie and Jacob's wedding or reception last year because of the pandemic, so the most recent pictures she had with them were from Chloe and Quentin's wedding in 2018. I was so excited when Shannon shared the idea for this session for two main reasons. The first was that I love the idea of families having pictures together, especially generational photos with grandparents, parents and children and even grandchildren (yay baby Simon!). These are the memories that families will treasure for a lifetime. Second, I always love an opportunity to see the Lee family! In addition to Kenzie and Jacob's wedding and reception and Chloe and Quentin's wedding, we've done many a session with them, including Quentin and Kenzie's senior sessions. It was also an opportunity to see baby Simon again!

We did the session at City Centre Park near the St. Peters Rec-Plex, a very memorable and popular spot for the family. Kenzie and Jacob got married here, Chloe and Quentin took their engagement pictures here and Chloe surprised Kenzie with a best friends session here. It was such a treat seeing everyone and catching up! In addition to images with the entire family, it was also important for us to get pictures of each family/couple grouping. Then we ended with photos of Shannon and her parents, Kenzie and Chloe and a few more of the entire family. Shannon also brought a special blanket with her ... it had been Quentin's, but now Simon uses it when he's at Shannon and Stephen's house. We took some fun pictures of Simon on the Scooby-Doo blanket! Despite the 100-degree weather, it was a wonderful evening with a wonderful family! Enjoy the sneak peek below, and be sure to check out all of the pictures, especially the bottom one! :)


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