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Chloe and Kenzie | Best Friends Session

These are two of the most wonderful people I've had the pleasure of working with! I met them during the senior session I did for Quentin in the spring. Chloe is Quentin's girl friend and Kenzie is his sister. The two girls have become best friends. This fall Chloe will start college and Kenzie will begin her senior year of high school. As a treat for Kenzie before, Chloe organized a photo session for the two of them before she leaves, and it was sooo much fun!

I think this might be my favorite of the whole shoot. Towards the end of the session, the girls got crafty and we got this wonderful image of them.

This was our first location at the park. They were both ready to jump in!

It was pretty perfect! They had all of these wonderfully fun ideas of things they wanted to do. Every time we got done with one area, they were ready with their next fun idea and place to go. They have got this down!

At one point we stopped at this bridge, and when we were doing our first pose, Chloe noticed a giant fish swimming in the pond. Kenzie rushed over and they eventually both found it again. Apparently it was huge! (It was ... I saw it a few minutes later.)

This is one of the girls' favorite poses, so of course we had to do it!

They both have such a great personality and energy. I loved it!

Chloe and Kenzie also practice this really awesome thing ... it's called acroyoga and they doe these really cool poses that combine yoga and acrobatics. This is just one pose. They showed me a few, and man did it look hard ... especially on the uneven grass! But they looked beautiful doing it!

At the end of the session, Chloe wanted to give Kenzie a book she made of photos of the two of them. Chloe surprised her with it, and it was so much fun watching their reactions to pictures from the past. It really shows the joy and importance of printing images and the memories they bring. I'm so glad that Kenzie will have this treasure.

Thank you so much ladies for letting me document your friendship! You are both wonderful!

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