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Ashley and Lauren Best Friends Session at Indian Camp Creek

This might be one of the most fun sessions we've ever done! Ashley reached out to me earlier this summer about scheduling a photo shoot for her and her friend Lauren. She didn't really have anything specific in mind, so we brainstormed some ideas of things that would be exciting for both of them. We had a few fun ideas, but landed on a great combo of an every-day look (plus day drinking!) and then a fun, all out color war. It was so great! Ashley and Lauren have been friends for about five years, and describe themselves as sisters. This session was an opportunity for them to do something fun that represented their friendship and would give them great memories.

The session started with Ashley and Lauren in matching shirts and hats. Both of them contributed something else to the session — Ashley brought a sweet sign with their names on it and Lauren brought the booze! We did some fun pictures of them together just hanging out being cute. Their joviality was contagious! Lauren couldn't stop laughing, which made Ashley laugh and all of it made me laugh. Between that and the inside jokes, their session was full of energy and laughter. And then we got out the drinks. :) They popped the lid on their Bud Lights and cheers to their friendship and when their cans hit, an utter beer explosion happened! The pressure on the cans led to a complete eruption of beer, and it was great! It was a nice foreshadowing to what was about to come ...

The second part of Ashley and Lauren's session was something I've been wanting to do for years — a color war! They got some colored powder (think color run) and started an all-out fight of the colors! We set up some stunning photos with the ladies throwing powder in fun ways, including some epic photos with them encased in powder. As the sun started setting, and Ashley and Lauren were covered with more and more powder, we transitioned to a full-blown color-throwing blitz to see who could get more color on the other person. What else would we have done with the leftover powder?! :) The color war was everything I wanted it to be, and Ashely and Lauren had a blast getting blasted with bright colors of powder. The powder is great because it's completely natural and doesn't stain clothes, skin or hair. Though, I don't envy them for the amount of hair washing that was ahead of them to get all of the powder out!

Ashley and Lauren are such wonderful people, and it was an absolute pleasure getting to know them and capturing this fun and unique evening celebrating their friendship!


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