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Chloe and Quentin | Engagement Session

You know those moments in life, where you don't really feel old, but you feel like you should? I'm definitely having one of those moments now! Some of the first seniors I photographed are getting married! Quentin proposed to Chloe earlier this year, and the two are planning a beautiful December wedding! They are two of the kindest, smartest, sweetest people I know and I am so excited for them to continue their lives together!

This is the second time I've had the pleasure of working with both Chloe and Quentin. In 2016 we photographed Quentin's senior portraits and, not long after, we took pictures with Chloe and her best friend Kenzie (who is also Quentin's sister) before Chloe went to college.

I cannot believe that it's only been two years since we photographed them, and now we're doing engagement pictures! I could not be more excited to be friends with this sweet couple! I know that life will be wonderful for them and cannot wait to see what they do with it!

This might be my favorite image from the whole session! The loving look Quentin has and Chloe's smile. Beautiful!

Chloe really liked this giant tree we came across. I mean, it was huge! Probably five times taller than Quentin. I love the color and the texture on the tree. It's perfect!

Two more of my favorites! I love Chloe's expression in the image on the left, and they are both so adorable (sorry Quentin!) in the picture on the right! I just love these two!

When we started, the weather was not so bad (though definitely not spring-like!), but the later it got, the colder it got! Chloe was brilliant and brought this soft, fuzzy grey blanket, and it was perfect!

Such a cuddly way to stay warm and close.

Look at those smiles! I love these genuine little moments between the two of them.

Another set of favorites! How close they are and how fun and sweet.

It's time for some black and white! How classic!

We took pictures of Chloe and Kenzie on these rocks, so it's only fitting we did it again, but this time with Chloe and her fiancé!

Such wonderful, loving looks they give each other!

I really love the way that Quentin looks at Chloe. So kind and loving!

During our session, I learned that Quentin is quite the handy guy! They were just starting their spring break and telling me about their plans, including that they were going to help Shannon, Quentin's mom, remodel their laundry room. I saw some pictures after, and it looks amazing!

So happy! Chloe is so sweet hugging Quentin. (And we even got a little ring shot, too!)

Laughter is the key to a wonderful life, and I think that won't be a problem for these two!

We even got a little dance in the park! :)

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