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Chloe and Quentin Lee | Wedding

This is the wedding everyone was waiting for! Chloe and Quentin are more than just high school sweethearts, they are two people completely in love with each other! They'd been together for nearly five years when Quentin surprised Chloe with a wonderfully orchestrated proposal (including a bit of false hope at dinner and a shocking appearance at her college apartment nearly two hours away later that night). A little less than a year later, they got married!

Dec. 15 was a big day for Chloe ... in addition to it being her wedding day, she graduated from Mizzou with her bachelor's in psychology. After the wedding, Chloe joined Quentin in Rolla, where she'll work on her master's at Webster (my alma mater, too, just in a different location!) while Quentin finishes his degree at Missouri S&T.

I first met the Lee couple in 2016 when we did Quentin's senior pictures. In addition to his mom, he brought his sister, Kenzie (and Chloe's maid of honor!) and his girlfriend, Chloe. It was amazing to see how wonderful they were together then. When they got engaged, I was beyond thrilled when Chloe asked me to photograph their wedding. It's like everything has come full circle!

I know Chloe and Quentin have a wonderful life ahead of them, and I hope they are enjoying this time together before the craziness of life (and classes!) starts!

As we were taking detail shots of Chloe's dress, she of course wanted to touch it.

Notice how she's already wearing her veil? She got that on quick! She was ready!

I love these little details, like Chloe showing Kenzie (her maid of honor and soon-to-be sister-in-law!) where the bustle was (even if it didn't go quite as planned!). All the little details on Chloe's dress were stunning.

The duality of getting-ready pictures! Look at Quentin in that snazzy suit!

This is probably one of my favorites the guys! They were definitely having fun.

And Quentin's dad got to be part of the fun.

(You'll notice later that Steven also married them! Cue the tears!)

This was a beautiful moment between Chloe and her grandma ...

I love how her mom, Kenzie and Rossetti all joined in behind them.

Chloe and her girls! Two of the best bridesmaids you could ever hope for!

While the best man Braden did a pretty good job with Quentin's boutonniere, there's nothing like a mother's touch to make it perfect!

Chloe's flowers turned out beautifully! I love how light but still eye-catching they are! Chloe definitely has a strong aptitude for creativity and style!

These are perfect! Chloe, her mom and her mom-to-be all have great personality, and this really shows just how fun the day was!

One thing Chloe wanted to do was have a few minutes with her soon-to-be husband to pray. To ensure that Quentin couldn't get a first peak (not that he would!), Braden tied some tulle to cover his eyes.

The look on Chloe's face here makes me choke up, so it's probably better Quentin couldn't see her!

Love. Love of this moment. Love of these two. Love of everything about this picture.

After the prayer, Chloe snuck back to her getting-ready room and Steven removed the blindfold

(which ended up in a plant nearby!).

The moment everyone was waiting for! I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. Their ceremony was so beautiful ... the love they share was evident and their wedding showed how much they love each other.

First kiss as Mr. and Mrs.! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Awe! I love how connected these four are. And funny, too!

After the wedding and the first family pictures they have as Mr. and Mrs., we stole some time with them at their reception venue, and that place shines! When Jared and I were looking at wedding/reception locations, we looked at the Mahler Ballroom. In the seven years since then, they have made some stunning improvements. including this shiny bridal suite and a salon-inspired (and looking!) beauty parlor. Stunning!

Look at these two! It was so great to have some one-on-one time with them, but also to let them have a few moments to enjoy being married. And look at how stunning Chloe is! She is perfect!

True happiness!

The one request Chloe had was a picture of her and Quentin kissing in front of that amazing chandelier. Request more than happily granted!

Okay, I couldn't decide which one of these moments I liked better between the B&W and the silhouette,

so you get both! :)

The ballroom also had this wonderful hallway leading to the main room, and it was regal!

And a backup chandelier picture, just in case!

This is probably one of my favorites! Who isn't grossed out by their best friends being all smoochy!

An amazing first dance for the happy couple!

It's always fun when you get an expression like Chloe's during the first dance ...

I just want to know what Quentin said to elicit such a laugh!

The perfect first dance, full of smiles and awesome dance skills!

Who needs cake when you've got ice cream! Even though they didn't have a formal cake or cake cutting, they did have this sweet unceremonious first bite of ice cream. It was adorable, and don't let anyone say otherwise!

Include their special first dance, Chloe orchestrated the playing of her and Kenzie's song.

They had a whole routine set, and it was perfect!

Since Chloe and her maid of honor got to dance together, it's only fitting that Quentin and his best man got to as well!

Pictures of people dancing might be my new favorite thing! And Kenzie looks beautiful here!

And Rossetti, too! Such a great smile!

Awe! Happy parent dances!

It's bouquet toss time! Guess who ended up with it? Kenzie, the made of honor herself, of course!

Then came the garter toss, with a dozen guys duking it out to get the garter;

definitely one of the best we've seen to date!

We also got to catch up with Kaci and Jeremy, who got married last year! Kaci helped plan and make sure everything went smoothly during the wedding; she was a true blessing, especially to us!

One of the first things everyone said to us when we got to the wedding site was how stunning the reception looked ... how it sparkled. And the location did not disappoint!

The band was also amazing! The trombonist and leader of the group was one of Quentin's teachers and the pianist was one of Quentin's classmates. It was a great way to bring in one of Quentin's favorite things.

And they were amazing!

Chloe and her mother-in-law and mom danced together and it was glorious! Note the ice cream in Chloe's hand - the best of both worlds, dancing and dessert!

I mean, who doesn't want to dance like this?!

This venue, though! Look at how stunning they are! Chloe and Quentin look so regal, and in this beautiful ballroom with this awesome chandelier! Yes please!

They did it! I could not be more excited for this amazingly awesome couple. They are wonderful people, through and through, and I wish them the greatest happiness together!

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