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Photography has been an interest of mine since I was little, running around with friends taking pictures of super random things (including a few "fashion photoshoots"). I have also always loved writing and got involved in my school newspaper in high school, where I got to do everything from writing to photography to design. I loved getting to do it all, but a writing focus brought me to Webster University, where I earned my bachelor's in journalism with minors in photography and media communications and certificate in professional writing. After graduation, I went on to earn a master's in media communications and began a job in community relations at a local school district (the same one I graduated from), where I work full time. In 2015, I was looking for a new creative outlet and found myself drawn back into photography. I am so excited to be doing these two wonderful things that mean the world to me.

I met my wonderful husband and best friend, Jared, in my first class at Webster (his second, but still!). We didn't start dating until after graduating and were married before I finished my master's. Jared and I do pretty much everything together, and he even joins me during sessions and is my second shooter at weddings. We celebrated our fifth anniversary in 2017, and took an amazing, one-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia and New Zealand. Even though it was a ton of work, I loved planning every minute of our trip to maximize our time and make sure we got in everything we wanted to see!

We have two cats, Izzy (the crazy one) and Bella (the pensive one). I know that, let to my own devices, I would be a crazy cat lady, so it's up to Jared to keep me from getting to that point!

I am a drinker of cherry Coke. Lover of "Gilmore Girls" (team Logan!). Re-reader of Harry Potter. Wearer of New York and Company. Determined traveler. And comic con goer. These are just some of the things that define me. You need to be comfortable with the person taking your pictures, so it's important for you to know who I am. Keep reading for more little tidbits about me (and Jared), including my obsessions, travel goals and what I'm reading (or possibly more important - binge watching!).



The Essentials

Jared +

Izzy + Bella

Our sweet house would be nothing without my wonderful husband Jared and our favorite kitties, Izzy and Bella. I couldn't imagine life without these three. Izzy even sleeps with us every single night (often on my legs or shoulder), which is unbeatable!

The Tops

TV Shows

Gilmore Girls

This show will probably forever be my favorite.



Mrs. Maisel

We've watching Maisel on repeat since it premiered.



This and "Charmed" are the shows of my childhood.

What I'm ...

Binge Watching

"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel."

We enjoy finding new things to watch together. Whether it's the newest Netflix show or one of our past favorites, we enjoy watching and talking about what we've seen. We even take turns sharing our "old" favorites with each other. I've been introduced to a lot of Star Trek, and Jared watched "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" with me!

Places We've Been

New England

Travel Dreams

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