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Kenzie Lee | Class of 2017

I have so been looking forward to this session since I met Kenzie during her brother's senior session this spring. Kenzie is a senior at Fort Zumwalt North High School. She wanted to do her session on Main Street in St. Charles. It ended up being the same weekend as their annual Legends and Lanterns Festival, so it was super busy, but we found some fun nooks and crannies that were a great backdrop for the style Kenzie was looking for.

You'll probably see me use the word "favorite" a lot in these captions!

Kenzie was really interested in the buildings on Main Street.

I think the one on the right might be my absolute favorite from Kenzie's senior session.

This is one of my favorites! I love the white brick and how Kenzie and her red dress stand out.

This was the place I think Kenzie was most excited for. It was a perfect combination of things: the pretty purple flowers, the smiley fall planters and the cross-hatching. She wore this outfit specifically for the necklace, and I think it pops perfectly with the flowers!

Meet Twix! You all know I am more of a cat person, but Twix was as sweet as could be, and surprising willing to less us get this picture with Kenzie!

Just look at this smile! :)

Just like with her brother, we did a sweet picture of her reading her Bible.

Behind her is the perfect tree for sitting and leaning!

We got down to the river at Frontier Park right around sunset. It was a pretty calm one, but the colors seemed to really fit with Kenzie — soft purples and pinks!

Another favorite! And I learned something for this picture — not only is the ball's brand name important for pictures, but it's also the place you're supposed to put your hand before you shoot.

No wonder I was terrible at basketball — no one ever told me the secret until now!

We had to do a leaf picture! With how much Kenzie loves fall, there was no way we couldn't!

Early in the session, I off-handedly mentioned how I thought it would be fun to get pictures of someone eating ice cream someday. Kenzie totally jumped on the idea, so after we finished by the river, we came up and she got some vanilla ice cream and let me take pictures of her eating. :) We'd lost all of the sun by this point, but it was totally worth it! And don't worry, Kenzie, I won't post the photo of your mom trying to push the ice cream cone into your face! :) (After the session, Jared and I couldn't resist and we got some, too!)

And one more:

Kenzie's grandma happened to be in town for Kenzie's pictures (coincidence?!?), so how could we not do a generations photo! Here are Lorraine, Kenzie and Shannon!

Congratulations Kenzie! :)

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