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Harrison Family Session, Celebrating Time in St. Louis

We recently had the opportunity to spend a beautiful afternoon with the Harris family at an extra-special spot to create memorable images for their family. The trio is made up of Zac, Alicia and Olivia (they left their dog Thor at home this time!). This is our third time photographing Alicia and Zac, once for their maternity session when Alicia was pregnant with Olivia and once very early in my photography career where they volunteered to be models.

Alicia has been friends with Jared's sister and their family for a very long time. I met Alicia about a decade ago when Jared and I were just newly dating. She has such a lovely heart and kind personality. Soon after, she met Zac and they got married. And three years ago, they welcomed their daughter Olivia into the world.

We recently learned that the Harrison family would be moving to Indiana for Zac to pursue a role with a church plant there. Zac will continue working towards his degree while getting first-hand experience with the church. To commemorate their time in St. Louis, Alicia asked us to take family pictures of them at one of their favorite places — the Covenant Theological Seminary in Creve Coeur. It was the seminary that brought them to St. Louis. Zac was accepted to the school and, thus, him and Alicia relocated about two hours east for him to pursue his dream. During their time here, they've spent a lot of time on campus as a couple and a family. For that reason, Alicia thought the Seminary would be the perfect place to go for timeless images that would be a forever reminder of their years in St. Louis.

It was wonderful getting to spend the afternoon with them. Despite them moving to St. Louis, and especially during the pandemic, we didn't get to see them as often as we'd have liked, so getting to spend this time together was incredibly special. We of course had time to catch up and socialize, and then spent most of the afternoon chasing after Olivia. She's in the lovely three-year-old phase of life where movement is everything! During our time together she was a plane (I think because of a character on Paw Patrol, which is a favorite show of hers), read to me, played with her doll Baby, blew bubbles and snacked. She even put me in jail (her jail of course being a special, ever-moving spot on the sidewalk) ... but couldn't tell me why I was in jail! Her energy was infectious, but also enough to make me crash with exhaustion after!

It was such an honor spending time with Alicia, Zac and Olivia in a place that is so special and meaningful to them. We'll miss them, but can't wait to hear about their new adventures in Indiana!


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