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Rowland Wedding Reception

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kenzie and Jacob had to change their wedding plans. Not wanting to wait for an unknown amount time Kenzie and Jacob has a sweet, intimate wedding ceremony in April. Kenzie's parents, brother and sister-in-law (AKA, her maid of honor) and Jacob's dad gathered to watch them tie the knot. (And we were please to join them!) Just over four months later, at the end of August, Kenzie and Jacob were able to celebrate their marriage with their family and friends at a lovely reception at Quail Ridge Lodge.

When Kenzie and I were talking about details for the reception, she said she was really just looking forward to seeing and celebrating with everyone. She sounded so relaxed, and when we arrived at the Lodge, that's exactly what what we found. Kenzie, Jacob, their families and a few friends were getting everything ready, even as guests arrived. Because her and Jacob were already married, they didn't have to worry about hiding from each other (they had such an adorable first look in April!) and they could make their big entrance when they were ready. And boy did they make an entrance! Once the guests arrived, Kenzie's dad, Stephen, started a wonderful video he put together of Kenzie and Jacob's ceremony — so that all of the guests could see the special ceremony and some of the photos from their wedding — and then introduced Kenzie and Jacob.

The reception was great fun! After they entered and everyone ate, Kenzie and Jacob socialized with their family and friends, ate cupcakes, played the shoe game, re-watched the video Stephen created and listened to a special song, opened a select gift and took some family and wedding party photos. The afternoon was incredibly special, and Kenzie and Jacob were excited to share it with their family and friends.

Happy reception day Kenzie and Jacob!

The sunflowers were so bright and pretty and looked amazing at the Lodge! And they used one of our wedding photos on their reception invitation!

Kenzie was so excited to wear her wedding dress again ... and understandably so — her dress is absolutely amazing, and she looks stunning in it!

I just loved all of their signs, but the most amazing may have been the sunflower picture. Chloe's mom painted it for Kenzie and Jacob, and they decided to have everyone sign it so they could hang it in their home! A beautiful piece of artwork, with a very special memory!

One of the most special moments from the reception was during this performance of "I Will Forever Be Yours," a song that was part of Kenzie's parent's wedding day (Shannon is of course quietly singing along).

I loved Kenzie and Jacob's "cake table," with all the adorable — and delicious — cupcakes!

Instead of doing a cake cutting, Kenzie and Jacob enjoyed the first cupcake together. One of my biggest regrets at our wedding was only getting a bite of our wedding cake, so this was definitely the way to do it — you can't just have one bite of cupcake! :)

I had never seen this before until our DJ sprung this game on us at our wedding, and I loved it! When Kenzie said they were doing the shoe game, I was so excited! I love the emotions and fun that couples have during this game, and Kenzie and Jacob were no different!

Their expressions say it all!

Unfortunately, Kenzie's grandma was unable to attend the reception, so Shannon FaceTimed her! Lorraine got to talk to some of their guests and watched Kenzie and Jacob play the shoe game. Even though she couldn't be there in person, it was so special to capture this moment with her, Shannon and Kenzie talking at the reception.

Look at this big happy family!

Jacob wanted one big family picture, and so did Kenzie! :)

The wedding party was wonderful! Chloe was the only one at the ceremony, so it was wonderful the whole group (minus one groomsman) was able to get together to celebrate.

Look at these lovely ladies! It was wonderful meeting Madison and great getting to see Kaci again (we photographed her wedding about three years ago), and of course Chloe (who I've had the pleasure of working with many times, most recently her wedding to Quentin — Kenzie's brother — two years ago). And hopefully we'll get to work with Chloe again soon! :)

Towards the end of the reception, Stephen showed the ceremony video again, and seeing Kenzie and Jacob watch together was so sweet!

Kenzie and Jacob received a special request to open one of their gifts ... and it was adorable! Let's just say that Jacob pocketed what was in the card!

And, in a funny turn, this card made another appearance a few minutes later, unknown to the mother/daughter who, separately, bought it for them!

One thing that Kenzie asked for (I was very excited to do!) was some pictures of her and her bridesmaids. These women are just wonderful! I really love how these turned out ... the girls were so much fun together and, of course, looked amazing!

Kenzie and her bridesmaids — Madison, Chloe and Kaci! Getting a picture with each one is so important. She chose these ladies to share her day with her and it's special that they each get get a picture with their friend. :)

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention these flowers! Chloe made the bouquet (she is so crafty!), and they look amazing. And become Chloe made them, they were ready for her and Kenzie to use at the ceremony and reception, and still have ones that matched the other girls' flowers. Stunning!

At the end of the day, it was time to bustle that train ... with a little effort and tongue biting, they got it done! :)

Congratulations again Kenzie and Jacob! :)


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