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Schoonover Family

This is one of my favorite families! I've known the Schoonovers for more than 10 years, since I started working at Pattonville for Mickey. It's amazing that it's been a decade since I met Mickey, Bill, Emily and Ethan. When I met Ethan and Emily, they were in elementary school, and now Emily is a sophomore (see her senior pictures here) in college and Ethan is a senior. We combined Ethan's senior session and this session with the family. Mickey needed some family pictures to go with their annual Christmas letter, so it was the perfect way to combine a few quick family photos with a quick senior session ... since most guys are only doing senior pictures because their mom wants them, this worked out perfectly.

Bill was also seemingly reluctant to do these pictures, and when he and Emily arrived, he pulled out headphones and an Xbox controller. I of course assumed hew as planning to play while he waited, but he actually wanted to take pictures with them! A true sign that he was actually excited for the session! :) And a vary accurate representation of activities for the year! Bill was also the catalyst for bringing their dog, Duchess with them for pictures. She did a great job, despite all of the squirrels running around and geese in the pond. The park isn't even a five minute drive from their house, and it's one of Mickey's go-to walking parks. She and Duchess walk the park regularly, so Mickey knew all of the best places to go! And despite it being a severely overcast day, it turned out great!

Mickey's holiday letter and family picture arrived just in time for Christmas, and it's always fun to see people put our images to good use! :) And her letter was wonderful — she definitely has talent as a writer!

Look at this wonderful family! Even though they didn't got super matchy, the look great! And so happy!

I feel like Duchess knows something I don't here! Either that or she's giving me the stink eye!

I really love this picture of Mickey and the kids. They are all so wonderful, kind and amazing people, and seeing them together and happy makes me happy!

Mickey and Bill's laughter here is how I felt during the entire session. Bill and Ethan were definitely happy to bring laughter to the session ... there were so many times I was doubled over laughing at something they said or did.

Aww! This happy couple!

Siblings are notorious for not wanting to be photographed together — especially touching — but Emily and Ethan are naturals! And their smiles are just wonderful!

Even though we did Emily's senior pictures, I wanted to get a new one of just here. And Bill actually requested this picture of himself. He even brought along his own props! :)

I love Mickey and Emily in this picture! Even Ethan has a fun expression!

After a few pictures at the gazebo, we relocated to this bridge and brought Duchess for a few more pictures. I love how these turned out, with the woodsy bridge and the guys' plaid shirts. And Duchess is even looking at me!

Thank you Schoonovers for being so awesome! I enjoyed this time with you wonderful people! :)


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