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Kenzie and Jacob Rowland | Wedding

Kenzie and Jacob are two of the most amazing people I know. Their wedding was set for later this month, but, knowing the likelihood of it being postponed, they decided not to wait! Two weeks ago, they were able to get their immediate family together and got married. Thankfully Kenzie already had her dress and Jacob had his suit. And oh my gosh did Kenzie look gorgeous!

It was just Kenzie and Jacob, Kenzie's parents (her dad married them!) and her brother and sister in law (who's also Kenzie's best friend) and Jacob's dad ... and Jared and I. It was the first time we'd really been out into the world since March, and it was so wonderful to get out for this amazing celebration of love.

The afternoon was perfect. We all had been watching the weather, keeping Friday and Saturday evening open for whichever day had better weather ... and, of course Friday morning the weather changed drastically ... rain Friday starting in the afternoon and all day Saturday. And after losing so much, we wanted Kenzie to still have a beautiful wedding, so we all decided to go out and get Kenzie and Jacob hitched early Friday afternoon, and the time couldn't have been better ... the temperature was perfect, and we had a lovely mix of sun and shade. It was beautiful.

Everything about their afternoon was so wonderful. When we got there we got to catch up with Chloe and Quentin (we photographed their wedding in 2018, and I took Quentin's senior pictures). And we got to catch up with Kenzie's parents ... I work with her mom, Shannon, and it was great seeing her and Stephen. And I got to meet Jacob's dad, Scott. Kenzie and Jacob decided to do a first look, which was so sweet! And then they got married! Much of it felt like a "normal" wedding, just so much more intimate! Steven married them, and at every moment of the ceremony, Kenzie and Jacob looked so happy and so in love. We got to do some fun family pictures (the fastest wedding family photos we've ever done!) and then spent time with Kenzie and Jacob around City Centre Park. Since we didn't have to rush off to a reception (which they're still hoping to have later on!), we got to have as much time together as we wanted, and I loved it! We definitely got more time together than we'd planned for on their original wedding day, which made this day even more stress-free. Kenzie and Jacob could make it whatever they want, and it turned out perfectly!

Congratulations Kenzie and Jacob! You are two of the bravest, most positive people I know and I am so excited you are husband and wife! And now I can't wait for your reception so we can party and celebrate again with everyone!

This is one of my favorite pictures! I love Kenzie's expression, and the great greenery! That was one thing I really wanted for them — the beautiful weather and surroundings after so much about their special day changed, I'm glad it turned out so beautifully!

First look time! This wasn't part of their original wedding plan, so the fact that we got to do this, with their families looking on, made the moment that much more special. And Jacob's expression when he saw Kenzie — jaw dropping!

From first look to first picture as husband as wife!

I love these ring photos! Normally we can't get this close on a wedding day, so I loved getting to really capture this moment. It's such a special part of the ceremony.

They did it! Kenzie's expression here sums it up completely!

Shannon live streamed the wedding, while Stephen and Quentin recorded it with the plan being to show the video at the reception for those who couldn't be there. So, after the wedding, they got to have another "first kiss!"

I am in love with these pictures, especially the left one! Between Kenzie's smile and Jacob's expression, and the details in her dress and flowers, everything about it makes me happy!

All of the wedding guests! Kenzie's BFF and sister in law, brother and parents and Jacob's dad made for the perfect size wedding group! It may not be what they planned, but there's no doubt that everyone there couldn't be more excited for Kenzie and Jacob!

And a close up of both sides of the family since they are such a big part of the afternoon!

I love that Chloe and Quentin were able to get dressed up. Both were part of the original wedding party, and I love that they could wear their wedding attire, too!

And then we were on to wedding photos! City Centre Park is beautiful, and there was no shortage of places to do this happy couple's photos!

Despite Jacob not loving photos, he did a wonderful job in front of the camera, and him and Kenzie are so photogenic!

Can we not take a minute to admire Kenzie's dress! Oh my gosh! I think her dress may be one of the most beautiful gowns I've ever seen. She truly picked the perfect dress! She looked absolutely stunning from head to toe!

City Centre Park is a really amazing park. Between the gazebo-y structure their wedding was in (both Chloe and I thought we remembered it having sizes, but it didn't!) and the beautiful trees and flowers, it was the perfect backdrop for Kenzie and Jacob's photos.

I really love Jacob's suit, too. The gray is so light and I love the vest-only look, and his boots!

Kenzie's flowers were so summery! She got faux flowers from Hobby Lobby and Chloe arranged them (she is so crafty!). They look so real and Kenzie will have them forever!

Sometimes the best pictures are the unscripted moments, where the newly married couple simply get to enjoy each other's company! It's these little moments that mean so much.

These two! They are so in love!

That train on Kenzie's dress is epic! From the length and the detail in it ... so amazing!

This one on the right is another one of my favorites. There's just something about it that I absolutely love ... and Kenzie's expression is so happy!

We just had to get pictures of Kenzie and Chloe together. After all, this is the park that Chloe surprised Kenzie with a friends photo session back in 2016. Just behind me is the giant tree they hugged around! I love how close they still are after all these years. Definite BFFs.

Towards the end of the session, Jacob openly volunteered to do some pictures of him picking Kenzie up! I really love this angle ... partially because it's a great picture of the awesome shoes Kenzie found online just a few days before. And they actually came in time!

Look at these two! On their wedding day! :)

There was this amazing tree with these beautiful pink flowers on them (you can see it in the edge of the photo with Jacob picking up Kenzie). We just had to use it for ring shots!

While I was taking details shots, Kenzie and Jacob started getting cuddly on this bench, and they were just so amazingly sweet we had to sneak in a few more pictures before they left to have a celebratory dinner with their families. All in all, it was the perfect day for a wedding! It's a day they will never forget!


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