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Kaci and Jeremy | Candler Wedding

Jeremy and Kaci are two of the kindest, sweetest, most welcoming people you will ever meet. They both have such big hearts! We only got to meet them once before their big day, since they live in Illinois, but when we saw them on their wedding day, it was like we were their best friends, too. Everyone was so welcoming!

When we meet them, we started noticing a lot of shared interests, too, from a favorite restaurant (Noodles baby!), to taste in movies (Marvel all the way!) to dream vacation destinations (all of Europe!). I wish they lived in St. Louis (or at least a little closer) because I want to be their best friends! :)

Everything about their wedding was just beautiful. All of the wonderful moments between them, their family and their friends was touching. All of the little details (and not so little, just look at Kaci's stunning heels!) about their day were perfect (that cake!). But, most importantly, Kaci and Jeremy became husband and wife, and that is the best part!

Kaci's friend Hannah did double duty, serving as Kaci's planner and hairstylist, and she did a terrific job!

Jeremy's look was super suave, and he was incredibly helpful with his groomsmen, teaching them to tie their ties and helping them with their boutonnieres.

Kaci looked stunning! Everything from her hair and makeup to her dress and shoes were perfect!

Just like her!

See what I mean about her shoes? They are killer! I love how they sparkle and those heels! And the detail from the heels goes around the bottom of the front. Everything about them! Wow!

I really love this picture of Jeremy. It's a nice, quiet moment before the big day!

Another quiet moment before walking down the aisle, Kaci and her mom, Nicole, share a hug after Nicole helps Kaci get on her necklace. It was so sweet. Neither cried, but they both got super close!

All of Kaci's details were beautiful. I'm particularly partial to her pearl choker necklace. And I love the beautiful flowers on her dress, and she even found a veil that matched perfectly! She even had these glitzy gel shoes that she planned to wear down the aisle (but ended up not wearing, because they were catching on her dress, so she went barefoot, which was so neat!).

I love this quadriptych of Kaci and Jeremy. Jeremy is so happy and Kaci looks so pretty!

I couldn't decide between the four pictures, so why not share all three!

I couldn't chose just one favorite of her shoes, so here's another one with her stunning heels and her and Jeremy's rings.

One of the things Kaci and Jeremy really wanted was a few moments before the ceremony to pray together. It was so sweet. When Jeremy came out, he was so nervous he would accidentally see Kaci, so he covered his eyes until Sarah (Kaci's matron of honor), Jared and myself guaranteed Kaci was on the other side of the wall and he wouldn't see her!

It was such a beautiful moment. And we still got to see Jeremy's face light up when Kaci walked down the aisle a few minutes later.

I love Nicole's expression when she looked at Jeremy before the ceremony. The excitement she had for her soon to be son-in-law is perfect. And Jacob was definitely the cutest ring bearer!

Jim, who is the pastor at the church they got married in, is Jeremy's grandpa.

It was so sweet that they were married by family.

The moment a groom sees his bride coming down the aisle is always such a sweet moment, and a beautiful moment to capture. But often so is the moment a bride sees her groom. Both Kaci and Jeremy had the perfect reaction to seeing each other!

Ron, Kaci's dad, was so kind to Jeremy and genuinely looked happy to give Kaci away to him.

I love everything about this! Jim holding Jeremy's ring, and Kaci holding Jeremy's hand.

Kaci's expression here is just perfect! This was the moment when Jim asked if anyone had a reason they shouldn't be married. Kaci is very clearly opposed to any opposition!

You may kiss the bride!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.!

Kaci and Jeremy did a receiving line after their ceremony, which how we got these great pictures of

Kaci and her grandpa Steve and Jeremy and his mom Cindy.

This is one of my favorites ever! Kaci and her flower girls are just so adorable!

Such a wonderful and kind wedding party!

The lovely ladies!

When your groom and groomsmen jump, you know they are a fun bunch!

Once we got our "formal" picture of the wedding party, we asked everyone to smoosh the bride and groom, and this group delivered! I love everyone's expression, especially the ladies!

Isn't this a great looking wedding party?

On most wedding days, the time when we take the bride and groom's pictures is often the only moments they have together without throngs of people fighting for their attention, so I really like giving couples a few minutes to enjoy each other before the hustle and bustle starts back up at the reception.

We only had a few minutes with Kaci and Jeremy before their reception, but they were so sweet together.

And so happy! Look at Kaci and her super beautiful smile! Her smile is so contagious!

These two are the kindest, sweetest people you will ever meet!

Kaci and Jeremy make their reception entrance!

A moment of prayer before dinner. The lights at their table are just beautiful!

Such a beautiful cake! The yellow flowers and the grey ribbon were perfect for their wedding colors. And that cake topper is just adorable!

Cake cutting time! Look at Jeremy's expression!

After getting a piece of cake to share, there was a split second between Jeremy and Kaci where they were trying to decide if the other was going to sweetly share a bit of cake, or stuff the piece in the other's face! They both decided to go sweet!

Look at that beautifully delicious cake! YUM!

One of my favorite parts of our wedding was a surprise game our DJ played that I've dubbed "the shoe game." So I was super excited when Kaci told me they were planning to do it. The premise is that the bride and groom each take their shoe and their spouse's shoe and answer questions about each other by holding up the corresponding shoe. While their backs are to each other, so they don't know how the other is answering. It's so much fun for them, and for everyone at the reception!

Let the games begin! (There was also a really funny moment about Jeremy's socks, in that he wore comfy ones instead of the fancy dress socks, but it just makes this moment all the better!)

Even newlyweds have to disagree sometimes! Though, this question may have been "Who does your spouse love the most?" Or something to that effect! :)

And sometimes you both know the answer, even if one of you doesn't want to admit it! :)

And Kaci even got to show off those stunning heels!

Everyone's having reception fun! Especially the ladies!

Kaci and Jeremy concluded their night with a sparkler sendoff!

I am so excited for Kaci and Jeremy! They had a wonderful wedding, and I wish them years of happiness! All of them!

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