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Kristina and Julian Sweazey | Wedding

Kristina and Julian had the most beautiful wedding in October! But what was the most wonderful piece was how in love they were. The way that they looked at each other throughout the day, and the moment they saw each other in the church as Kristina walked down the aisle, was filled with so much love and respect. Even their vows were full of wonderfully sweet, silly and inside-jokey moments that they, and their guests, laughed and awed at. Everyone from them to their wedding party to their family and friends were as welcoming, helpful and as kind as could be and so excited for Kristina and Julian's marriage.

One of my favorite parts of every wedding day is after the pomp and circumstance is done and we get time with couple and their wedding party between the ceremony and reception. Kristina and Julian wanted to go to New Town for their pictures, which I loved! (The location holds a special place for me because that's where Jared and I got married.) It's a wonderful time to get to slow down, but also let the happy couple have some time together as a newly married duo before the fast-pace, greeting-heavy, party-hearty reception.

And even their reception was perfectly them! They entered their reception to music from "The Greatest Showman" (yes please!). Kristina created the play list, which was full of throwback (you can't go wrong in my book any time you play "Mambo No. 5!"), dance and Disney music. And that wasn't all that was Disney: their centerpieces were themed from Beauty and the Beast, they had a Mrs. Potts and Chip adorning the cake table, a Cogsworth on their welcome table, Lumiere on their sweetheart table and Kristina even had a Babette/Fifi (the feather duster) purse and their guest gifts were chocolate-dipped Rice Krispy treats shaped like Mickey Mouse. Considering their honeymoon trip to Disney, and how much I know Kristina loves Disney, it was exactly what I'd expect from them!

Here are some of the beautiful moments from the Sweazey wedding!

Julian looks so dashing and Kristina was stunning! Aren't they the greatest? :)

Kristina and her girls.

Julian and the guys and groomswoman.

Kristina's dress was stunning!

Brooklyn, the flower girl, was so incredibly cute! She ended up running down the aisle without throwing a single flower, but it was the perfect moment and so adorable!

Kristina had a great idea of configuring hers and Julian's rings into Mickey ears. It turned out so cute!

The glitter on Kristina's shoes were on point!

We of course had to get a picture of Kristina and her mom, Kathleen.

All of the ladies were on hand to help Kristina get in her dress. And she totally rocked it!

The moment Kristina and Julian saw each other other was perfect. They each had the most beautiful expressions when they saw each other.

Their wedding venue had the most beautiful backdrop of greenery!

I love how much laughter came out during their ceremony! It was wonderful seeing them to happy.

It was beautiful sign of their marriage to come.

Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs.!

I love these portraits of the Sweazey's at their wedding venue!

Outside of the venue was this adorable gazebo. From there, we went to New Town for wedding party photos.

I love these pictures of Kristina and her ladies!

And of course Julian and his group! Kuddos to them for attempting the big jump!

Look at this great group! Every member of this wedding party was so wonderful!

When your groom can pose like this, you know you're doing something right! :)

I love that Kristina and Julian wanted to take pictures here! This is the entrance to the New Town Chapel, where Jared and I got married. I enjoyed sharing that small bit of our day with the Sweazeys on their day.

This is the perfect dip!

I love these private moments between the couple after they get married. Just hanging to the back and watching them interact is such a special moment of the day.

We couldn't not add this moment with the ushers, too!

Their wedding came just as the colors were starting to change for fall.

Seeing all of the leaves made me so happy that fall season is here!

As we were walking to our next spot, we had this brilliant idea to have Julian twirl Kristina, and they were amazing at it! I love how all of the layers of her dress are so puffy. And they just look like they were made for this! Beautiful twirling!

This series in front of the bridge might be some of my favorites from the whole day! I just love the colors and how happy they look. These are the perfect series of moments!

We stopped in this spot on the side of the chapel, and while I didn't totally love the location at first, I love how this photo turned out! These two can make any spot the perfect spot!

The jovial look on Julian's face in the picture on the right makes me laugh every time I see it!

It rained when we started pictures in New Town, but that created some stunning clouds as we were leaving.

What I love about this one is that there is the focus on Kristina and Julian. It was the perfect way to end our time in New Town before heading the reception.

Kristina and Julian's sweetheart table was stunning! I don't think I've ever seen one as beautiful!

Everything from the Lumiere centerpiece to the flowers to the twinkle lights. It was perfect!

The Disney-themed details were on point at the cake table; between Mrs. Potts and Chip and the Mickey and Minnie Mouse cake topper and their beautifully detailed cake, these were on point!

Kristina and Julian had a beautiful first dance.

And the father/daughter, mother/son dances were so sweet.

And thus the dancing begins!

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