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Pattonville High School JV Drill Team

This year has been tough. So many things have been canceled, postponed or been different this year. I often think of all of the students whose lives have been impacted this year. Since I work for a school district, I see all of the things that have had to change or get canceled completely, and I sympathize for everyone impacted. Among them is this group of amazing girls! Pattonville's junior varsity drill team girls haven't had the opportunity to perform this year. Wanting to do something special for the team, their coach Lindsey reach out to me with the idea of a photoshoot. While it doesn't make up for a disappointing season, it's a fun, special thing for the girls. And I immediately jumped on board!

Lindsey did a wonderful job organizing the girls in the time of COVID. Each girl signed up for a 20-minute time slot for their personalized mini session. Then, halfway between, all of the girls came "together" for a physically-distanced team mini session. Two of the girls, Kylee and Mikayla are sisters, so they were able to be together, but the other girls had to stay distanced from each other but, considering, the distanced team photos were a lot of fun! And all of the girls were so nice! They were so positive about everything and they really appreciated that Lindsey put this together for them. In addition to some poses we did with all of the girls, some of them had their own special things they wanted to do — mainly jumps! Which was a lot of fun ... and they are all so talented! Despite the challenges of the year, these lovely ladies were absolutely positive and really seemed to enjoy this special gift from their coach!

I've known Lindsey for a few years. I work with her mom (and Lindsey teaches in the same district I work in) and photographed Lindsey a few years ago when she graduated from college. It was such a pleasure to work with here and meet these wonderful young ladies! I wish them a wonderful spring semester and hope that they are able to dance together again soon!





Mikayla and Kylee





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