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Lindsey Purviance | College Senior

People should do this more often! Lindsey is graduating from Lindenwood University in December (education major!), so we took some senior pictures! College senior pictures are a great idea! It was really neat getting to take graduation pictures with Lindsey. We got to take some cap and gown pictures (with a champagne celebration!) and we got pictures with Lindsey's rings ... not just any rings, but the rings she got from earning back-to-back national jazz championships with the Lionettes dance team!

I'm super excited for Lindsey to graduate! She is currently doing her student teaching at the same elementary school she attended (in the district she graduated from)! It's wonderful that her cycle is coming full circle! I hope with her awesome spirit and teaching skills, she finds a teaching job soon - anyone who hires her will be lucky to have her join their team!

It was a tad cold on our photo day, so the fact that she brought dance national championship jacket was not only great for warmth, but also a good representation of her dance accomplishments at Lindenwood!

But we did brave the cold for a few pictures in this great dress; doesn't Lindsey look amazing?!

One of the things we really wanted to incorporate was this building, the education building at Lindenwood.

This is another great culmination of her education (cap and gown) and her extracurriculars (that bling ring from being a dance champion!). The picture on the right is totally a "rule the world" look, and I love it!

This may be one of the most fun things we've ever done! Lindsey uncorked a bottle of champagne to celebrate. These are some of the most epic pictures, and I love Lindsey's expression!

This right here is the money shot, I think. Great excited look, and a ton of champagne.

Lindsey may have just taking a sip right before this one of the left was taken! I think it's partially excitement for her graduation, and partial excitement we got the champagne pictures!

One more, just because I love it!

Lindsey decorated her cap for graduation! The saying is perfect!

I'm expecting a fun dance move as she accepts her diploma!

I just love this scarf! It looks so comfortable. and the colors are great! Lindsey looks wonderful in it!

Lindsey explained to me that the trees that line this road are actually linden trees. What an appropriate name for the university, and the perfect spot for a picture!

These might be some of my favorites! I love the white columns and everything about Lindsey's smile!

Full view of that awesome sign!

You can really see the bling on Lindsey's ring!

Colleges really give us so many great backdrops for pictures, especially when you have a guide to tell you what they all are!

We were loving these yellow-leaved trees.

Bridge shot! We found this bridge as we were driving in to meet Lindsey! I love that the stadium is in the background, and the gates behind Lindsey have the college name and logo. Good job bridge!

A couple more close-ups, because Lindsey is beautiful!

Good luck Lindsey! I hope you love everything about teaching!

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