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Finley Difani Newborn Session

Meet baby Finley! Back in September we photographed Emily and Will's maternity session. And just a few weeks later, Fin arrived! They invited us over to take photos of their new family of three. (Well, I guess four if you count their dog, Shadow, who was not in attendance at this session ... she's being pampered by the doggy grandparents.) We were so excited to finally meet Emily and Will's little guy!

When we arrived, Fin was getting a nice bottle of second breakfast, so we were able to talk to Emily and Will about their experience as new parents, and were happy to hear how well it was going. I was a bit surprised at how calm they both were ... they both have totally slipped into parenthood so easily. It also struck me how supportive they both were with Fin. They both fed and burped Fin, changed his diaper, helped him with his outfit changes and more, even switching up during a given "task" to help prepare a bottle or set up a fancy holiday-themed backdrop (more on that later!). I loved seeing how they supported each other in supporting Fin. Before Fin was born, I already knew Emily and Will would be great parents, but it was so fun to see them with their wonderful boy!

Fin was dressed in the cutest little outfit, wearing the shoes we saw during the Difani's maternity session. But that wasn't the only outfit for our photoshoot! Fin also had a "future CEO" shirt that was a gift from Will's work (we couldn't resist take a matching branded shirts picture!) and an adorable Santa outfit. While Fin was getting lunch, Will had the great idea of taking pictures of Santa Fin with cookies and milk, and it was adorable! Emily found some delicious-looking cookies for Fin to "eat." I have never seen something set up so perfectly for Christmas cards! :)

This was my first newborn lifestyle session, and I am so thankful to Emily and Will for trusting me to do this for them! And while Jared and I remain the couple who is definitely not ready for kids, little Fin and Emily and Will's love for him, definitely melted a little bit of my anti-baby sentiment ... just a little bit! :) Congratulations on your adorable baby boy! I can't wait to see him grow!

Welcome Finley! Mommy and daddy love you so much!

Isn't this the sweetest? I love these!

Can we also talk about how cute it is that the light is sitting on a stand of books?!

Eskimo kisses!

Fin needed a picture for his passport (lucky guy!), so we plopped him on a blanket and this look is what we got. Adorable!

Those tiny baby fingers!

That's a big yawn for such a little guy!

Look at this happy family!

Future CEO in the Difani house!

I really love the decorations in Fin's room. These weren't up during the maternity session, but they turned out so great! Wonderful crafting skills, Emily!

Crib time! Fin's working on learning how to roll over. You got this buddy!

Big aspirations for this little one!

This smile! Oh - em - gee! Steal my heart little guy!

Look at those eyes!

Like father, like son. Too bad we didn't have a matching bow tie for Will!

Isn't this the happiest Santa you've ever seen?

Lunch time!

I just love this! This baby is definitely adorable!

Awwww! Will's wiping a baby tear!

Milk to the hunger crisis rescue!

Are those for us?

But really, I love Emily and Will's expressions here! You can definitely tell they are plotting!

Lunch time for baby Fin! And Emily's smile is so amazing!

How cute is this setup? Great designing skills Will!

Let's just saw that the majority of the pictures turned out like the one on the right! Fussy baby ... Fin did not like it when Will put him down!

But every once in a while we got a look like this that was absolutely adorable!

And how he's gripping the cookie! Baby after my own heart — eat those Oreos! :)

They are milk's favorite cookie, after all!

(Sorry, it was a clue on the "Supermarket Sweep" we watched before I wrote this ...)

Cookies and milk coma! Being Santa is exhausting!

Welcome to the world little Finley! We're happy to have you! :)


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