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Greg Hertzenberg Personal Branding Session

I don't think I've laughed so must during a photo session! We had the pleasure of meeting Greg for a personal branding session a few weeks ago. Greg is a realtor with Berkshire Hathaway and contacted me about getting a new headshot. And I talked him in to a full branding session! We spent the afternoon at this pretty fancy house taking some pictures that Greg will be able to use in marketing, including, of course, the requested headshot. We had a blast working with him. Greg is incredibly funny and personable. And while we're not quite ready to leave our house just yet (we did only build a few years ago!), I would definitely trust him if we were on the market for a new home! Take a look below at some of our favorites from our afternoon with Greg.

What screams "for sale" more than a giant yard sign!

The most recognizable way to know if a home is for sale is to see the sign, so we had to get in some pictures of Greg with his name in (large!) print.

If you work with Greg on buying a house, you might see this key again! :) It definitely plays a role in the house-buying experience. But we won't spoil the surprise! :)

This right here was the reason why Greg reached out to us in the first place. And while we probably spent just a few minutes getting these headshots, Greg did such a wonderful job posing for them and they turned out great!

The house we were in had this wonderful, ornate sign and it looks amazing paired with Greg's yellow tie! These are probably my favorite images from the session ... Greg's personality really came out in them, which always makes for more meaningful images.

With this one here on the right, Greg was outlining his presidential campaign platform.

Look out folks ... his name just might be on the 2024 ballot! :)

It got to the point where all I could see was Greg as a politician — he really had those political poses down! But no, right now he's just sticking to the real estate industry.

Greg's smile was contagious!

It wasn't just me laughing! Though, I'm sure nothing I said was even remotely as funny as anything Greg said!

The kitchen at this house was absolutely epic! I'm a bit jealous of it, even though we just got new countertops ourselves. Stunning. And Greg looks so dapper in that kitchen!

Dapper, right?

This one might have to go on a brochure! :)

Thanks Greg! We had a wonderful time getting to know you!


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