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Alexander Family | Family Session

When Liz said she wanted to get new photos of her family, I was honored when she asked me to do it! I know Liz from work at the school district; she is amazing! She helps coordinate one of the school's Oasis program (among many other things) and she is always so kind and helpful and a wonder to spend time with. So when she came to me for pictures, I was so excited to work with her as a photographer and meet her family. We met her husband, Jay, and children Jillian and Lucas. And her family is just as wonderful as she is! They were so supportive and happy to do whatever we asked. Everyone was so laid back and such a pleasure to meet. It's always so wonderful when we get to take pictures of families with older kids. And we just happened to have beautiful weather; it was 60 and sunny and beautiful ... then the next day it iced and snowed and we had a snow day the day after that.

Their laughter is perfect! I love everything about this!

Liz and Jay are so sweet together!

Whenever I asked them to look at each other, Liz would laugh in the sweetest way!

And then Jay would laugh. It was so fun!

Jillian and Lucas were so kind and wonderful to work with.

It was great seeing them happy to take pictures together.

As much as they love each other, parents always love getting pictures with their kids and having a chance to interact with their children. It's such a beautiful time during our sessions!

After the pathway area, we found this great patch of ground (dry ground!). It was a great way to change up our poses and get some different interactions with Liz, Jay, Jillian and Lucas. (Also, did you notice how each parent and each of their kids has the same shared first initial: Liz and Lucas, Jay and Jillian; brilliant!)

I loved getting pictures of Liz and Jay together and Jillian and Lucas together. They are all so happy here!

Before the session ended, we wanted to get a photo of Jillian and Lucas on their own to commemorate this period of their life. They were both so wonderful and did a great job on their own!

We ended the session with Jillian and Lucas in their school shirts — Lucas at Chaminade and Jillian at Incarnate Word. Both school just happen to be red, so it was perfect coordination!

Both Jillian and Lucas play soccer, and Jay coaches, so we did one final picture of the soccer aficionados!

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