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Let Them Eat Cake | Styled Shoot

During our Halloween-themed styled shoot a few weekends ago, one of the people attending was telling us about this cake contest she was entering. Deva told us about her designed, and showed us some pictures of her ideas, and it sounded amazing. Even more amazing when she was telling us about the flavors of her cake ... a four-tier cake with everything from chocolate to vanilla and a layer of lavender and raspberry and one of blueberry and cinnamon. Our mouths were watering! I asked if the judges got to try each flavor and she said that they didn't even eat the cake, it was all about decorating! She was making this stunning and delicious cake, but no one was going to get to eat it. So we of course volunteered!

Deva's competition — the Show Me Sweets Cake and Candy Convention — was on Sunday, so we decided to get a group together to enjoy the cake on Monday. She organized a spectacular evening for her cake cutting and eating party! Three models, along with Deva, dressed in fun party dresses and spectacular hats and we had a little tea and cake party! After taking a few pictures of the models, and of course the cake, Deva sliced into her cake and about 15 of us splurged on this delicious cake that could have fed 80!

On the left is Deva's completed cake. It was stunning and so realistic, especially for something made completely from buttercream! She said the judges even almost disqualified her thinking the bottom piece was made of foil, not frosting. On the right, Deva cut into the top layer of her cake, full of delicious chocolate!

As Deva dove into the second layer, we were treated to a delicious lavender flavor that was to die for!

The cake paired beautifully with tea!

To the left, our model Nikki, with Deva cutting her cake on the right, framed by our two other guests!

These two lovely ladies completed our group! Lynnae, on the left, volunteered up her house for the evening's event. She also made all of the jewelry the ladies wore. Her friend and neighbor Jennifer also joined — mainly for eating cake!

After eating cake, we were able to take some portraits of our guests and models. At Lynnae's house was this beautiful piano we had to take advantage of!

I love this candid picture of these two friends! They are so happy!

All of our ladies got together for a cheers of tea, too!

Nikki was so kind and willing to let me take some extra pictures of her to add to our collection!

Thank you so much to these beautiful ladies for letting us photograph them and join them in eating cake! :)

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