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Reiners Family | Portrait Session

This family is the sweetest! We photographed Amy and Terry's wedding almost exactly a year ago. Their wedding was on one of the hottest days in September, and their family session was just the same this year! But everyone was so great, and the kids were wonderful (they had promises of park time if they put up with me and they rose to the occasion!).

It was an honor getting to photograph them again, and getting to know their kiddos better. Ethan was so great with his younger siblings, making sure they were happy and engaged, and he'd just gotten braces, so I don't know how he was so positive! Jason just turned six, and he was celebrating his birthday the next day. He was a little more reserved, but always had the funniest faces to make everyone laugh! And sweet little Macie! She was just as adorable as she was last year, and a wonderful musician with her little "ukulele." She really looks up to her brothers!

We met them at Faust Park in Chesterfield. It was our first time doing a session there, and the park did not let us down! The park was a great spot for the family; we found a ton of great spots they felt comfortable in, including two trees the boys got to climb in!

Aren't they just wonderful!

There was this nice little arch next to the Butterfly House, with all of these pretty plants and even butterflies flying around. It was super nice, and a great spot for them!

How cute! Jason and Ethan are giving their sister a little kiss, and she is loving it!

And Jason and Ethan were so adorable together. I mean, this look they're giving each other is priceless!

Really, everyone was so sweet together! Look at these duos!

Macie's expression in these images is great! She's so expressive!

All the kids, and the "ukulele" makes an appearance! Macie was singing and jammin' out like crazy!

Tickle fights during a session always produce the greatest results! Look at how happy the boys look!

When we moved locations, the boys quickly found these trees and started climbing! So why not take advantage of these adventurous boys' idea!

And Macie and mommy are adorable! Look at how sweet they are together, kisses and all!

And Macie and daddy kisses, too! I love how Macie was grabbing their lips for kisses!

I really love this picture of Amy and Ethan.

It is fall! So how can you not end a fall session without a leaf fight?!

I am so happy to see Amy and Terry so happy!


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