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Stephanie, Casey and Brandon | Family Session

One of my favorite things about photographing families is seeing the dynamic between everyone. When it's time to edit, I love seeing those dynamics captured for a lifetime. This trio below was a blast to work with! Stephanie, her fiancé Casey and her son Brandon were so wonderful! There is such a great connection between them.

Even after a little boo-boo, Brandon bounced back to being the most energetic little guy I think I've met! He particularly enjoyed playing a new game Jared invented that involved throwing my reflector up in the air!

They braved the heat a lot better than Jared and I did! You wouldn't know that it was nearly 90 degrees out! It was a wonderful afternoon with these three!

I think this might be one of my favorites from their session! They are so happy together!

Brandon is definitely a ham! It's sort of the theme for our pictures with him!

I mean, look at his face in this and the next set of pictures!

See, ham! And so adorable!

When we were brainstorming ideas, Rau Garden was one of my first ideas, and Stephanie was excited about it. The last time we did a session here was in 2015! It was great to be back; it's such a beautiful space with so many great spots. And, as it turned out, they'd been in the area earlier in the day to swim!

When you get this expression after asking Stephanie and Casey to kiss Brandon on the cheeks, you know you've got a fun trio! I mean, how cute is this expression!

In addition to family pictures, we wanted to get some pictures of just Stephanie and Casey and they are just wonderful together! Such a sweet, fun-loving couple.

One of the things I love most here is their eyes! I love how bright and blue they all are!

And it totally matches with their shirts! I think it was planned! :)

These are a few more of my favorites! I love the expression when kids get picked up or swooped or something that gives this genuine happiness and laughter!

Okay, another favorite! The look between Stephanie and Casey while Brandon just looks around with his lips puckered like that, and Stephanie holding Brandon and resting her arm on Casey.

These connections are perfection!

More ham! :) That big grin! (Maybe he's thinking about his fries that were promised as part of dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings! That would make me smile!)

I love this grouping of pictures with Stephanie and Casey! How happy and loving they are!


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