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Sellers Extended Family Session

There is something incredibly special about getting 21 family members together! And that's exactly what Donna orchestrated so she could get pictures of her entire family. Only her parents and one daughter were not able to be there, which is a pretty amazing feat! And while her parents weren't there, Donna's idea behind the session was to get group family photos for them.

Donna was the recipient of a sessions we donated to the Pattonville Wheelchair Basketball Game fundraiser, of which the proceeds benefit the DASA (Disabled Athlete Sports Association) Junior Rolling Rams. This was an opportunity for her to get all of her family together to take a big group picture for her parents. And it wasn't just her family — she was also able to get her brother, Ron, and his family to join them!

Everyone was able to come together over the long Memorial Day weekend, and we had a super short window together. And, of course, it poured! We were able to hunker down under this amazing old barn and while it rained (and when some nice cloudy light shined through), we were able to get pictures of all of Donna and Ron's families. Eventually the rain clouds parted and were able to venture out from under the barn cover and take some time with everyone in the sun that started shining. While the day started out miserable and icky, it couldn't have turned out any better!

And can I also say how great they did coordinating outfits! Look at them all! Everyone looks so great!

It was a true honor to get to work with all of these wonderful people! Everyone was just so kind and so patient as we waited for the rain the break.

The whole group! Siblings Donna and Ron, in the middle looking at each other in green, were able to get the whole group together for their mom! Donna and her husband, Terry, have their family to the left, while Ron and Marsha's family is to the right. We got a more traditional everyone-look-at-the-camera shot, but I just love this one and how everyone is smiling and interacting with each other!

Here is Ron and Marsha and their two children and son in law. Look at those smiles!

And of course this is the perfect opportunity to get some updated couples shots, too! :)

Here is Donna and Terry's crew!

This is just great! As we were taking pictures of Donna and Terry, their grandchildren ran up behind them when they weren't looked and this is what we get! As important as the picture of the two of them is,

having fun ones like this is just as important of a memory!

(Even if they aren't the ones that hang on your wall, they're just as special!)

And here is a great juxtaposition - Donna and Terry and their children the right, and their grandchildren on the left. Look at this happy bunch!

This is Jason and his wife Megan and their kiddos! Look at how sweet these two are together!

Another wonderful member of Donna and Terry's family is Tim and Rachel, and their three kiddos.

Look at how happy! And those smiles, especially from that gentleman on the left!

Oh, and that color coordination! And I think the little lady on the left is wearing jelly shoes, which is epic!

One more family grouping, this time of Aimee and Allen and their kiddos. There daughter wasn't able to join us that day, but she was definitely there in their thoughts!

I really love this silly picture with Aimee sticking her tongue out! And the silly one below is perfect!

As much as I love that silly one, these two of the kids and the family is pretty adorable, too!

(Just don't tell the boys!)

And one more look at the whole group, because look at them! :)


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