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Heyman Family

It was such a pleasure getting to work with the Heyman family! Brian and I are in the same department at work. Before joining us at the Learning Center, Brian worked at our district's high school, where Stephanie also works. I've known Brian since I started in Pattonville more than a decade ago, but it's been wonderful getting to know hm and his family better over the last two years. It was such an honor when Brian asked us to take his family's pictures this year. I've meet Daniel a few times over the years, but Jacob maybe one or twice (him and Brian share the same birth day — just a few years apart :) — which is crazy to me!). And with all of the limited social interactions we've had this year from COVID, it was so nice getting out and interacting with people!

The challenge of photographing a one-year-old is that they are so curious about the world. Everything from the fisherman at the park, to the big silvery reflector were an easy distraction. But in addition to a few family photos, what Brian said he wanted most was the interaction between the family ... the kids running and playing and everyone just doing their thing. Which was definitely helpful with a little one that hasn't mastered the concept for an hours-long photoshoot! The wonderful thing about these kinds of photos is that they are a true memory and representation of the family. Yes, it's important to have pictures of everyone looking at the camera, but what you remember fondly is seeing your kids playing and having fun, running around and letting their personalities show. And we definitely got that with the Heyman family! It was so much fun following Daniel and Jacob around and watching them play. Seeing Daniel stick his tongue out when he was focused on something and how much care he took to help Jacob. And Jacob's unique curiosity of the world and wonderment of finding everyday things to turn into toys — like Brian's head!

Thank you Stephanie, Brian, Daniel and Jacob for letting me spend the afternoon with you guys! We loved it!

Isn't this a great-looking group! I love how coordinated they are ... I mean, even the purple is the same, and that's not easy! :)

When you have a one-year-old, you appreciate any photo where they're looking at the camera, as was the case with Jacob. Daniel was very helpful in trying to encourage him to look at me instead of the giant, fun-looking reflector that we popped up!

And sometimes the moments when they aren't looking at the camera are truly the sweetest!

It's the moments like this when personalities really shine, and those are the things you remember and a moment in captured in time that is how you see your family.

So sweet!

We tried to mix it up and find another spot that was maybe less distracting for Jacob, that that definitely wasn't the case!

Look at that adorable, inquisitive face!

Jacob was so excited to move around, so we decided to do some walking pictures ... or, in this case, running!

Daniel is such a good big brother!

This tree was the perfect shape for Daniel to sit in, so we took advantage of it!

Daddy's head makes the best drum!

After we got some posed family pictures, it was time of the boys to run crazy. They found some sticks and played. I love how Daniel stick out his tongue when he's concentrating on something!

That poor tree ... it got pretty well ganged up on!

Even Brian joined in!

Hellebusch is a really beautiful park. I love the lake and gazebo and, at the end of the day, the sun streams in so beautifully!

We moved to a different part of the park as the sun was setting behind the trees. It was the perfect spot to try a few more family pictures!

And they turned out great! It probably helped that the kids had some time to run around first.

Every time I see this picture it makes me laugh. Jacob's face is perfect. I know it was a yell of happiness over getting the ball, but man is it funny!

We also took a soccer break. Brian brought the balls and let the kids kick them around.

Or at least carry them!

Who doesn't love mommy kisses?? Jacob was definitely happy to get a kiss from Stephanie!

Or playing airplane? I mean, how fun! And look at the boys with Stephanie! They are so sweet!

While we were taking pictures of Stephanie and Brian, the kids just happened to plop down behind them. So we of course had to add them to the pictures!

I also love how the boys were sitting on their soccer balls and playing with Daniel's zipper. Anything can be a toy when you're a kid!

They are such a wonderful family!

I mean, walking with the soccer ball is the right way to play with it, right?

Challenge accepted! Brian wanted to kick the soccer ball like his kids did, but Daniel wanted to steal it back for himself.

I really love this photo! Even though you can't see Jacob's face, Daniel's back there all squishy and Brian's face is all funny with Daniel pulling on it. Adorable!

Stephanie and Brian and those kiddos! What a wonderful family!

How is this not the most fun way to pose?

I think all of our families should do this from now on!

Daniel is such a good big brother! Helping Jacob with the slide!

Like father like son!

Daniel's got a great grip!


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