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Marlin + Carolyn | Anniversary Event

On Aug. 16, Marlin and Carolyn celebrated 60 years of marriage! To commemorate, the Henleys gathered up their friends for a 60th anniversary party. The party included dinner by all of our favorite caterers, speeches and a photo booth. Marlin was adamant that the event only last two hours, and they ended right on time, but still had plenty of time to spend with their guests who were excited to celebrate with the happy couple!

Before the party, Marlin and Carolyn invited me to their house to take some portraits of just them. It was wonderful to get some time alone with them and capture a few moments of them in the comfort of their home.

One of the sweetest moments during this part of the day was when Marlin looked and me and said he had one request for a picture ... sort of sheepishly he said he wanted to have a picture of him and Carolyn kissing. It was so sweet!

It is just amazing that they still look at each other like this after 60 years of marriage.

I imagine they looked just as happy 60 years ago when they said "I do!"

This is one of the best parts of getting to take pictures of the Henleys in their home. I found out that Marlin actually built their home, and six other homes in their subdivision!

After we took some pictures in the backyard, Marlin wanted to change into his party attire, which included this stunning white jacket — the jacket he wore at his and Carolyn's wedding 60 years ago!

He was so proud that it still fit. And he looks absolutely dashing in it!

While we were taking pictures, Carolyn noticed that Marlin's tie was off kilter. When she started adjusting it, the smile on Marlin's face was just so wonderful!

The Henley's daughter, Nancy, created this sweet little sign for outside of their house, and it is just adorable!

At the party, we met up with the Henley kids, Marlin and Carolyn's two daughters and son.

I love the juxtaposition in this. In the picture to the left, Marlin and Carolyn are in first grade, and they are standing next to each other in the back row. Now, nearly 80 years later, the two are happily standing next to each other as an anniversary-celebrating wedded couple! When she was teaching, Carolyn enjoyed pulling out this picture and showing it to her students, telling them they never know what will happen with the person they stand next to in any situation, particularly a class photo!

In another sweet moment, Carolyn got to pin Marlin's boutonniere.

Many things from their wedding made appearances at the party. Their wedding cards, photos and other little details were prominent, including the cloth that covered the cake table, which was a gift. And even though Carolyn couldn't wear her wedding dress, that didn't stop it from being on display!

Sixty years after their wedding, the Henleys were reunited with their maid of honor and best man!

One of my favorite things at the party was the popcorn bar! It featured four different flavors of popcorn with tons and tons of toppings. It was a big hit, and so much fun!

As everyone entered and said their hellos and congratulations to the happy couple, they also got to take a quick picture. These are just a sampling of our favorites!

They're holding hands! It's so sweet!

Lori, one of the Henley daughters, did a family reflections speech, where she talked about her parents and their love, as well as a 2x4 that Marlin would write lists and notes on, so she brought her own!

One thing Marlin did not want was dancing. He was pretty adamant about it. But at one point when the musician, Chris, was performing, Marlin got up and invited Carolyn to dance! It only lasted a few seconds (literally!), but it was one of the best moments of the night, so thoughtful and sweet! Carolyn is so happy!

What's a celebration without cake, and a cake cutting!

The cake topper is also a remnant from their wedding; it was the topper they used at their wedding.

Both Carolyn and Marlin got up to speak to their guest, and both moments were so adorable!

Congratulations to Marlin and Carolyn! Here's to another 60 years! :)

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