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Whitehead Family | Fall Minis

It was so exciting to see Melissa again at the Fort Howell craft fair in November! We photographed Spencer, Melissa and Hudson for the first time last year and was happy we could do pictures with her family on another day later in the fall. There were two big changes between our mini session with them last year and our session this year. First, I was excited to find out that Melissa is pregnant! She's having a little girl who is due in January, which is so exciting! She said that Hudson is ready to be a big brother and is pretty excited about it. I imaging he'll be a great brother!

The second difference from last year was Hudson himself. Last year he was a little shy around me, and it took a little bit for him to warm up to us. This year, though, he was super excited to have his picture taken and was super chatty! He's now three and half, and was excited to share about his Paw Patrol Halloween costume. Hudson was enthusiastic and was totally happy to pose for me. He has grown into such a happy little guy with a great personality, and is super cute, too! Take a look!

I mean look at that face! Isn't he just the cutest!

They also have such a great style going on! I love the blue hues!

I was so excited for this image, because it mirrors one of my favorites from our session last year.

Look at how big Hudson is! I can't believe how much he's grown in just a year.

The image on the left is by far one of my favorites ever! Hudson is so happy holding Melissa's arm.

They are all just so wonderful!

We couldn't pass up a picture with mom and dad! Spencer and Melissa are such loving parents.

It is just the sweetest smile! I love it!

Another couple of favorites! I don't remember what he was looking at, but I love how Hudson is looking up in the image on the left, and how happy he is with whatever he's seeing. When we got mom and dad in, Hudson laid his head down on Melissa's arm, and it was just too sweet. It may not be the perfect posed picture, but I think it's perfect!

How can you not love this?!? What a contagious smile from Hudson! And Spencer and Melissa are both so happy. It's just perfect.

This is such a sweet picture of them.

We were trying to take a picture of Spencer and Melissa, but Hudson really wanted to photo bomb them, so we went with it! And I think it worked out really well!

Tickling always brings out a genuine smile, not that we had that problem during this session!

Another genuine smile, and a total ham! He couldn't NOT look at the camera, even when he's not even facing it!

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