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Elven Family | Family and One-Year Session

We had the pleasure of photographing the Elven family recently. Nick, Stephanie and their son Colin are three of the nicest people you'll ever meet! We met Stephanie when we photographed her sister Amy's wedding last year. At the time, Stephanie was nearly eight months pregnant. I was incredibly excited to hear from her this fall when she got in touch about family pictures, not only to see them again but to meet their little guy, Colin.

The day of our session ended up being Colin's one-year and one-month birthday, so the timing was perfect! The weather, however, left a little to be desired; the temperatures dropped pretty quickly between when we arrived and by the time we got done, but little Colin was quite the trooper. I would say he probably could have even outlasted his mom and dad!

Here are a look at some of our favorites from Nick, Stephanie and Colin's session.

I really love these two pictures! Everyone is looking at me, even if Colin isn't the most excited, it's still pretty good for a one-year-old!

We learned that Colin has just started walking on his own, so of course he had to show us!

(With a little of bit of direction from mom, of course!)

Being fall, we of course found these fun leaf piles. It's hard to know exactly what Colin though of them. One minute he would play with them, then eat them, then slam his fists down and yell at them (while smiling, mostly). It was so fun to see his different reactions, especially the screaming one!

I love these two pictures together. Everything about Nick carrying him, and Stephanie helping him walk around the park. Both moments were so incredibly sweet.

And of course you can't miss a kissing-on-the-bride picture!

We also of course did a everyone-look-at-the-camera-on-the-bridge picture, too! Colin was super excited about the water at Des Peres Park. As soon as Colin saw it, he was determined to get to it!

Around this point, Colin got a little fussy, but after a few cracker treats, he was good to go again!

We also got a little chilly, so hat time was vital! Colin's little red hat was the cutest!

It took some time, but Colin kept his cuttle little feet still for a little bit so we could get a couple more pictures of him and his parents all together.

Colin's little tongue also made a big appearance later on in our session! How adorable!

The image on the left might be my favorite from the whole session! Despite the freezing cold, everyone looks so incredibly happy! Everything about it just makes me smile!

Nick and Stephanie are wonderful parents, and Colin is super lucky to have them!

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