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Jackie and Carly | Sister Session

These sweet sisters are Jackie and Carly. Carly enjoyed being at the park, but not was not so thrilled whenever I tried to get a picture of her. But Jackie was so helpful. She did everything she could to get to get Carly to smile and have fun. Jackie was so nice, and was determine to help us get a good picture of her sister, but was excited when it was time to take a few pictures of just her. They were so much fun and so sweet. They are perfect sisters!

I love both of these pictures! I love in the one on the left how Jackie smiling and Carly is super excited looking off to her mommy on the side. And then in the other picture, which the girls girls spinning. So fun!

Jackie was doing everything possible to get Carly excited about pictures, and I just love her expression here as she's trying to get Carly to smile!

Leaves are always a perfect toy this time of year, and Carly loved picking them up and trying to play with them. I also really liked getting to take a few pictures of Jackie by herself, too. She was telling us that she does gymnastics, which I think is super cool!

Look. At. That. Tongue! I love it!

Super sweet sister! They are just so great! I had a blast photographing them.

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