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Alex and Bo | Ceremony and Portraits

Last weekend we were invited to photograph Alex and Bo's wedding ceremony and family pictures. There was enough time for us to take pictures during the ceremony, as well as just before the wedding and some portraits of the grooms and their wedding party.

We met them the night before, at their rehearsal, and they are just the nicest! I got to get to know them a bit and meet their moms, who were both so excited for their boys to get married. I learned that Bo was creating his own dress. And heard a sneak peek of their wedding music that made me super excited — Goo Goo Dolls!

Alex buttons his tux in the minutes leading up to the ceremony, while Bo laughs with his wedding party and father in. They both were in pretty good shape; hardly any nerves!

Alex's groomsman Gary helps take the edge off before the ceremony.

Bo's father gives him one last hug before he walks down the aisle.

Bo's flowers reminded me so much of our wedding. The blue and white! My granny even added one red rose to one of my table decorations, just like in Bo's bouquet. And just before the ceremony, Gary went outside to write a surprise note on the happy couple's car.

The boys and their mothers coming down the aisle!

Bo's mom Ruth gives her son away to Alex.

And gives him a hug, too!

And cue the music! They played Goo Goo Dolls while doing the sand ceremony. It was absolutely beautiful!

First kiss! Congratulations to Alex and Bo! Look at how happy they are!

Their venue was so beautiful. The windows gave a nice touch to outdoors, where there was greenery, despite the January weather.

How fun is this?! I love it when families do something fun in between family portraits!

It was even nice enough that we could get outdoors for a few pictures. Alex and Bo and their wedding party got to go outside for a few minutes and we caught the beginnings of sunset. They were super excited about getting pictures in front of the gazebo. So we definitely made that happen!

Yay to Alex and Bo! After this, Alex even carried Bo back inside of the ceremony space ... a fun wedding-day alternative to carrying the bride over the threshold!

Thank you so much Alex and Bo for letting me share part of your special day! I hope you guys enjoy your honeymoon next week!

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