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Sydney & Ally | Fall Minis

So, best friend sessions are totally my favorite! Last fall I had the opportunity to photograph Sydney and Ally. They are such great ladies and wonderful friends. It's so exciting learning about their friendship, and even more fun getting to see it play out during our session!

Meet Sydney and Ally!

The token black and white profile shot. With pretty park and water in front of them.

Two beautiful girls in a beautiful park!

Look at these smiles! I just love this picture of Sydney and Ally. They are just so sweet.

I mean, this is what best friends do, right? Stick their tongues out at one another and whisper secrets.

Check! We got that!

We did start losing the light, but I think that's what makes these two pictures so fun. Not just playing in the leaves, but the shadows they cast in the picture on the left, matched with their serious look. Gah! Love it!

This is totally the cover of your album right? You must become a musical duo now and use this for your cover. Please?!?

Thank you so much ladies for letting me get to know you and document your friendship!

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