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Fall Family Photos

These are the generous winners of last year's PEF dinner auction. Last March, I offered a drawing to my school district's silent auction at the annual foundation event. This lovely and gracious family were the top bidders in the auction and received a free session. Their bid was given straight to the PEF to be used for things like scholarships and grants for teachers. This lovely family took advantage of the wonderful fall weather to have their pictures taken.

I love the boy's "cheese" face!

Aren't they all just the sweetest! I love these portraits with mom, dad and the kids.

He was super serious in the last picture ... this one, a lot more him!

I mean, just look at that face! :) So much fun!

These two were just adorable. I've never seen siblings get along so well, especially in front of a camera.

And of course you can't go wrong with kids and leaves!

I think this young lady is definitely going to be a heart breaker! Look at that grin!

I think this might be one of my favorite family pictures to date! It's such a natural moment.

And the kids love playing with their Thomas trains!

What a sweet mommy and daddy moment. Followed by an almost as sweet sibling moment!

Tongues! What little kid doesn't love sticking out their tongues!

Though, while his was definitely prompted, hers wasn't!

I just love these close-ups. They are such wonderful kids and really enjoyed when we let them just play.

I mean, really ... how adorable can you get! :)

I am super grateful for getting to spend time with this family and for their support of our schools! And thank you to everyone who attended this event, and a special thanks to those who bid during the auction!

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