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Nic and Pedro's Downtown St. Louis Wedding Rehearsal

Last month we had a whirl-wind weekend when my friends Nic and Pedro arrived to celebrate their love with a wedding. I was so happy when I found out they were coming here (not that we wouldn’t have enjoyed a trip to New York). Nic and Pedro live in New York, but decided to get married in St. Louis, where Nic is native.

I’ve known Nic since college. (And as coincidence has it, his mom and my parents live one street and a block apart.) I met him through his best friend (and best man) Andrew, who I met while I was in high school. Since we’ve been friend, we’ve taken some awesome trips together over spring break and got to attend some of his best parties. It was during one of Nic’s annual Christmas parties that I met Pedro. After that first night, I knew Pedro would be a great influence on Nic — he had some pretty great interests (Jared enjoyed talking video games and I enjoyed our Harry Potter chats) and was a genuinely enjoyable to talk and spend time with. When I heard that the two were engaged, I couldn’t wait to celebrate with them, and was even more excited when they entrusted me to photograph his wedding and the rehearsal.

Nic and Pedro selected the Crowne Plaza in downtown St. Louis for their wedding site. One of the things they loved most about the site was the view of the Arch, something we would take advantage of after rehearsal.

As a gift to their wedding party and family, Nic and Pedro had custom jourseys made. Each jersey had Surrillo Wedding written on the front and each indivual's role on the back. These jerseys ended up being central to our session after the rehearsal. To get some fun family and wedding party pictures before the craziness that is a wedding day, we all took a little jaunt down to the Arch, a St. Louis staple. The arch grounds are under construction, but we took advantage of the lesser foot traffic to get the best shots possible.

After we did some pictures of the grooms’ families and wedding party, we got a few minutes to take some pictures of just Nic and Pedro at the Arch. It was a nice few last minutes of time alone they would have before seeing each other to get married the next day.

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