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Anna Kasprzyk | Class of 2022

Anna is such a wonderful young woman, and I can't believe she's graduating in 2022! Anna is incredibly artistic, both in in music and drawing. She plays bass and has received many accolades for her music. Same for her art. I hope she plans to continue both after she graduates! After year and a half of remote learning, Anna said she is happy to be back in school for her senior year, and I'm so excited for her to experience her senior year. I hope it's wonderful!

I've known Anna for a few years through her mom. Christy and I have worked together for several years. Our offices are just a few doors away! My first extended interaction with Anna was in 2018 when we took her brother, Joseph's, senior pictures at Faust Park. During that time, we also gave Anna a taste of having her photos taken, both through her brother's senior session as well as some family photos we took that day as well. Anna's session came full circle because she also chose to have her pictures taken at Faust. It was mid-December, but despite that, it wasn't completely frigid ... just a bit cool.

Anna's mom and brother joined her for her session, as well their puppy, Rio. He definitely brought his puppy energy! She was especially excited to take photos around the houses at the park. Faust has a bunch of historic houses, and Anna really liked the colors on the barn and one of the yellow houses, so we made sure to feature those. We had a wonderful time with Anna and hope she treasures her senior year and her pictures that commemorate it!


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