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Ethan Schoonover Senior Session

No one could have imagined that senior year would be like this. I remember last spring feeling so terrible for the students who were set to graduate that year; they had most of their end-of-the-year festivities canceled and I couldn't imagine it being worse. But for the Class of 2021, those cancellations have continued to their senior year, and many haven't been able to return to school, had season and activities cancel — or not even start — and have experienced nearly a year of life unlike we've seen. Despite this, we were able to continue one rite of passage for Ethan — senior pictures!

Two years ago when we did his sister Emily's senior pictures, I couldn't believe that she was a senior, and you'd think I'd have come to terms with Ethan also being so close to graduating now, but I haven't! I've known the Schoonovers for more than 10 years, and the fact that it's Ethan's turn to graduate still blows my mind. And in no time, he'll be a freshman in college! (Come on Missouri S&T!) It's been lovely seeing Ethan turn into the kind man he is now ... I first met him when he was in elementary school and he would come to the dinner theaters our district puts on. It's amazing that so much time has already passed and that he's grown so much in just a few short years.

And let me say I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! We coordinated his session just before the holidays so we could also take pictures of his family for their annual holiday card, so his whole family was there. Between Ethan and his dad, Bill, hilarity ensued! And despite the number of times I was bent over laughing, Ethan kept his cool and as soon as I regained my composure to take more photos, he was still in position, waiting for me to get my laughter under control!

I'm hopeful that things this spring will be a little more normal and Ethan can enjoy some of the senior festivities and get to participate in his senior season in tennis. Like the rest of his family, I know Ethan has a wonderful future ahead!

Ethan's mom picked this park — which is common for guy senior pictures! — but it turned out great! That park is minutes away from Ethan's house, so it was the perfect spot.

A few days before the session, Ethan's mom, Mickey, shared a picture of Ethan in this super-retro blue coat. It was pretty snazzy! As much fun as that blazer was, this look fit Ethan perfectly, and you could tell he was super comfortable.

Doesn't he have such a wonderful smile! And he could bring it up perfectly on cue!

Emily asked Ethan some sort of electrical question (related to lights, since we were under the gazebo), and this was the look he had after explaining it to her. He's got some major smarts!

I really love this series of pictures under the gazebo. Ethan always jumped into a pose perfectly and so naturally and comfortable fell into it and made it his own.

There was this little rock seating area in front of the gazebo that made for a great sitting spot. There was mud everywhere, but somehow Ethan came out unscathed (unlike me and his mom!).

While we were waiting for our turn on a nearby bridge, we went up to the top of this hill and had a great view of the park. It was the perfect spot for some wide, standing poses.

One of the most things about Ethan's session was that he'd put himself in random poses. And they always turned out great! This "thinker" pose is perfect for Ethan!

We finally got our turn out the bridge, and the wait was worth it! I love how these turned out. And Ethan was a really trooper; it was steadily getting colder (and darker), but he toughed it out, and I'm so glad he did, because I love these! He looks so comfortable, despite the cold.

Here's to a wonderful spring semester, Ethan!


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