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Joseph Kasprzyk | Class of 2018

Joseph is a senior at Pattonville High School and has been having a great year! He is a true swimmer: Joseph made it to state in swimming and is now working on his try out for the water polo team. He is also a great chess player. Joseph is interested in going into a CAD (computer-aided drawing) career related to engineering.

I've known his mom for a few years, so it was great getting to spend time with Joseph. During our session, we also photographed Joseph and his family. To see pictures from their session, check here. See more from Joseph's session below.

It was Joseph's idea to climb the tree with his family, so we of course had to him in the tree by himself!

Even though he didn't do any official outfit changes, Joseph did bring a few outwear options, including this awesome swimming jacket!

I think this one of my favorites from our session with Joseph!

I love the black and white and how it makes his smile pop!

This wall felt perfect! The two-tone really matched what Joseph was waring, with the lighter wall and pants the darker shirt with the darker wood. It's like the world knew we'd be there!

Joseph's look here is perfect! He looks so relaxed.

These are two of the most natural (and probably comfortable) poses for guys: squatting and walking!

There aren't a lot of pictures of them, but I love Joseph's blue laces!

See what I mean about squatting and walking! :) Joseph is so comfortable in both of these!

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