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Marley Delgado | Class of 2020

Meet Marley! I met Marley four years ago when we set up at our first Pattonville craft fair. Her mom, Shelly, came by and introduced themselves. Every December after that, we had our annual checking with Marley and Shelly at the craft fair. Last year, when Marley was a senior, we were finally able to start planning! They told us about this beautiful park nearby that Marley and her sister, Maya, played at. It was called Bridgeway Park (well, at the time everyone knew it as Appletree Park), and was just short drive from both of our houses. I couldn't wait to check it out and see what made it so special to them. When I got there, the park was in full construction mode. They were doing a tone of upgrades, and I didn't really know what it would look like in the end. But when we got there for Marley's session earlier this month, it was stunning! In addition to the beautiful colors from the trees, the park had this amazing updated, clean feel. And while it wasn't exactly the same as Marley and Maya experienced as kids, it's still a special place for them and I couldn't have imagined doing Marley's pictures anywhere else. She just felt so at home and so happy there. We had a blast taking pictures with her. Marley and her family are our kinds of people — totally entertainment oriented and geeky, in all the best ways! When we met for their pre-session consultation, I think most of the time was talking about movies, TV shows and books instead of the session itself. But we had such a wonderful time with them. Marley is such a wonderful girl. We talked about doing some more picture in the spring, and I can't wait!

I love everything about this! Marley looks so comfortable and really stands out with all the beautiful colors in that awesome black and white outfit (she picked perfect outfits!).

There was a lot of laughter during our time with Marley, so these pictures of her in mid laugh is the perfect reflection of her nature.

Look at those colors! Marley looks so at home here!

One of the spots that Marley and her mom spotted was this tree that had been cut recently and made a perfect bench for Marley to sit on. I also really love these ones of her reading. Everything about it is amazing!

Marley was even able to pick up her tassel early, so we had to include that. It made the perfect book mark!

I am also super glad the "Artemis Fowl" is still a thing! :)

Marley has such a wonderful smile!

We also couldn't not lay in these leaves!

The colors were just stunning and gave Marley a beautiful backdrop!

This was one of Marley's favorite spots. I love the big trees. We also found swings!

We had another another change to get pictures of Marley reading and got to show off just a portion of her book collection!

Towards the end of the session, we also got some sister pictures with Marley and her sister Maya.

Their coordination was on point and they were so sweet together.

It was such a pleasure getting to spend the afternoon with these lovely ladies and their mom! We couldn't have asked for a better day or better people to spend our afternoon with!

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