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Mia Vance | Class of 2019

We had an absolute blast with Mia earlier this month! Mia is a senior at Pattonville High School (I always love getting to photograph seniors from my alma mater!). We weren't able to do her pictures on her original senior picture day (bad tornado sirens!), but we were able to go out the following week and while the sky held out, the wind did not! Mia was a trooper as we trekked around Forest Park in near freezing temperatures. Looking at her pictures, you'd never know!

One of Mia's interests is art, and we actually started our session at the Art Museum because Mia works there part time (helping with kids crafts!). Not only is the Art Museum a beautiful building, but I love that it has a connection for Mia, so when she looks back at her pictures, she won't just remember her pictures, but her time at the Art Museum. When she graduates from Pattonville at the end of May, Mia is going to college with the goal of becoming an interior designer.

Here's to a wonderful spring semester for this awesome senior!

There are so many beautiful places in Forest Park to take pictures, and by the Art Museum are all of these great trees, which still had some leaves on them!

I also really love this outfit; Mia said people call this her grandma sweater,

but I think it's beautiful, and look super comfy!

And this is one of the reasons we took pictures are the Art Museum! It's absolutely beautiful,

and the pillars are a beautiful pop. I love how comfortable Mia is in these!

Another thing we battled this day was the wind! It seems like every time we got situated, a giant gust would come up in blow Mia's hair, but no matter what, she always looked great!

I don't always get excited about walls, but I do when they happen to somehow have the same color flakes in them as our beautiful senior's sweater! I mean come on! How is this not perfect! Those oranges are perfect!

Mia knows it, too! :)

Another really cool thing we found by the Art Museum that I just loved - these awesome trees! I'm sure they are normally filled with leaves, but in the winter, they were just these beautiful, bare white treas, with this epic bark on them. The colors and the textures really make Mia's style pop.

Laughter pictures are the best!

We were trying to find these great steps Mia knew about, and while we were walking, she put her coat back on (it really was cold!). Jared realized how great her coat looked against that dark wall and those trees from earlier, so we used it! Nothing like and impromptu outfit "change!"

Official outfit number two looked so warm and comfy! And it seemed perfect for Mia!

White bridges rock! I love how light this picture looks and how happy Mia looks in it.

(Probably because the bridge was at least partially shielding her from the wind!)

Something about Mia's expression in these two really calls to me. I don't know what it is, but there's something about the look in her eye that is captivating!

One of the things I've been experimenting with lately is textures, and adding depth like this to my pictures.

I really love how the tree branches frame Mia.

As the sun was setting, we went on the hunt to find the other place Mia really wanted to find. Along the way, we saw this beautiful red field of leaves, so we of course had to stop!

Right after the leaves, we found it! This beautiful Victorian bridge in Forest Park. It was totally worth the walk to get to it. The bridge frame was awesome, and I love the light wood planks that totally matched Mia's vest!

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