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Alicia and Zac | Maternity

Alicia and Zac surprised us earlier this year with the announcement that Alicia is pregnant and they are having a sweet little girl! Little Olivia Mae is due in January and we could not be happier for them! They will be such wonderful parents, and we cannot wait for them to meet their little girl!

Alicia and Zac are expecting their first baby within the next month, and little Olivia will have to compete with mom's love of music and dad's love of hunting. She's going to have so many wonderful experiences!

Don't they look so happy! I can't imagine being this happy at eight months pregnant, but Alicia was in such great spirits!

She was even able to sit down and get up from the ground for these pictures!

These sweet little guys with Alicia and Zac will be Olivia's first stuffed animals. The little bull will officially be Olivia's first animal (and she'll get to name him!), and the bear is actually Zac's stuff animal from when he was a kid. After Alicia and Zac told his mom they were having a kid, she found it and gave it to him.

Isn't it so sweet!

This is such a sweet moment between the two of them. I love how Zac has his hand on Alicia's head.

Alicia looks so calm and happy here! I have no doubt she will make a great mom!

We all (except Zac, probably) thought it would be cute to get a picture of him with his little buddies!

Happy soon to be mom and dad! With little Olivia, too!

Olivia's room is decorated with travel and Alicia's baby shower had a travel theme, so she got all these cute little travel books, and this sweet little globe for Olivia's room.

So fun little details! I particularly love all of the travel books!

This is probably one of my favorites. I love how Zac took his hat off and is holding it behind his back, and how big of a smile Alicia has. It's all so sweet.

Another nice moment between Alicia and Zac. I love how happy they are!

This was hilarious! Zac is being so funny and it's perfect! And Alicia's laughter is great!

Look at the little shoes! Little boots for Zac and little Converse shoes for Alicia!

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