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Francis Howell Central All-Night Party

The Francis Howell Central Class of 2017 graduated earlier this month and we were invited to join their all-night celebration party! The now graduates had a wonderful night of activities, food and fun ... everything from Imo's to ice cream, a casino to life-size game of Hungry Hungry Hippos and performers and a hypnotist. It was an amazing night! Here are some of the highlights.

How amazing is this guy! The night started out with a carnival-style party at the school's stadium.

In addition to this talented guy, there was a guy on stilts, a magician, games and all the carnival food fixings!

In addition to the graduates, family members were invited to stay for this part of the night.

It was fun to see them try to get up to this 8-foot tall performer!

This brave soul stood between two jugglers, who thew pins right next to his head. In the midst of this, some of his friends were tossing popcorn trying to get him to catch it! So much fun!

The outdoor carnival ended with a stunning fireworks display at the stadium.

I think this may have been my favorite game of the night! It was a live-action version of Hungry Hungry Hippos, where one person lays on a wheeled board their stomach with a laundry basket and someone pushes and pulls them into and out of the "pin," grabbing as many balls as they can in their baskets.

It was amazing to watch!

The game begins!

I mean just look at how much fun they are having!

In the corner of the food area was a high-striker, where people got to take turns whaling on a paddle to get high scores and test their strength.

There were giant tricycles for racing. (Those didn't survive the night ...)

And a casino ... that was one of the last rooms to close!

And an old-school photo booth! So much fun!

A mechanical bull ... that was fun to watch! People's expressions were amazing!

And a lot of them did a really good job ... I would never have lasted so long!

We had one of these at my graduation all-night party. Two people compete to place their marker further down the inflatable run. At the end, the bungy cord on your vest pulls you back!

The night concluded with a hypnotist, who did a great job of waking up the students at 4 a.m.

The girl with the ears believed she was the big-bad-wolf (who was trying to get the bunnies, who were other participants) and the other girl was part of the forest and sent to "arrest" the "evil" wolf!

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 graduates from Francis Howell Central! We enjoyed getting to spend your night with you to celebrate. We hope you had a great time!

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