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Maddie Graham | Class of 2018

We had the total pleasure of meeting Maddie last week for a post-graduation session! Our session with Maddie was almost a month after her graduation from Parkway North High School. And while we traditionally meet seniors before graduation, I really loved getting photograph Maddie after school was out, especially because it mean we got to see her in her cap and gown! When summer comes to an end, Maddie will be going to Mizzou to follow her dreams — and the dreams of her three older siblings — to become a doctor. Congratulations on your graduation Maddie!

One of the things I most love about this picture is that, during our session with Maddie, somehow I didn't notice that she's got a little bit of brown in her right eye. I don't know how I missed it, but I love looking at it! (This might also be one of my favorite pictures ever!)

There are so many wonderful bridges at Forest Park. It was totally worth it to hunt them down. I think we ended up at three different ones, all of which had totally different feels!

I don't know what it is, but something about how Maddie is walking in the left picture is just so charming.

I think this might be one of my favorite expressions of Maddie (and possible overall favorites from our session!)! She looks so relaxed and perfectly stunning!

It was Maddie's mom that spotted these pretty flowers as we were walking around.

They created the perfect balance!

There is something about this tree that I absolutely love. Even though it's so big, I love how Maddie stands out against it.

Maddie's got this walking and posing thing down! And with the sun lighting up her hair, it's perfection!

One of the most fun things about our session was that Maddie still had her cap and gown. It was my first time photographing something in their cap and gown, and I loved it! Even the little details, like the '18 charm on Maddie's cap.

The happy graduate!

I didn't think about it until her mom mentioned it, but this outfit was the prefect choice for her final clothing change. It's Maddie's Mizzou-themed outfit!

This is another one of my favorites! Those columns are just perfect for leaning!

Maddie's expression here is the same as one of my favorites from earlier.

Between that and her Mizzou outfit, Maddie is all set!

The biggest challenge in photographing senior girls is, inevitable, the wind! But it picked up just a little of Maddie's hair here, and it looks so nice!

You cannot go wrong with flowers as a backdrop, especially with how Maddie's dress just pops!

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