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Allyssa McAmis | Class of 2018

Meet Allyssa! She is a senior at Timberland High School and has less than two weeks of school left! (I know, how crazy!) She's involved in broadcast media and HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), and, in the fall, she will be going to St. Charles Community College to start her degree in nursing.

She enjoys shopping, adventuring with her boyfriend, Trevor, and, like all of us, relaxing and watching TV. Allyssa is incredibly sweet, friendly and outgoing and has a wonderfully contagious laugh!

I enjoyed every minute of our session with Allyssa!

Allyssa is such a wonderful person! She showed up to our session with the biggest smile was super excited and outgoing and ready to jump in. It was wonderful! She is wonderful!

We started our session in Frontier Park. For April we were shocked that the trees were still so brown. But we did find this tree budding with this pretty white flowers, which even looked nice with Allyssa's outfit!

I love Allyssa's smile! It's so kind and happy and natural.

A few black and whites! The one on the right is probably one of my favorites. I'm pretty sure someone was off to the side making her laugh like that! :)

I also think that Allyssa could totally be a professional model! I mean look at her!

Even though the trees were bare, the grass was amazingly green. It made for the perfect thing for laying on!

See what I'm saying about modeling? And her laugh?

More pretty trees! The purple flowers looked great with outfit number two! :)

Allyssa's personality really shines here.

Allyssa was so on it! This is my favorite wall in Main Street. And Allyssa was all over this cuteness. We were having some wind challenges, so we took advantage and did some dancing with the dress, and I love it!

A fun pose and a fun wall!

We also got to meet Trevor, Allyssa's boyfriend. (I think maybe he was the one making funny faces at Allyssa earlier in the session!) He graduated from Timberland last year.

During our session, Allyssa's mom had the brilliant idea of getting ice cream! You know that I am a lover of all things ice cream, so I was totally down for this idea, and I think Allyssa was too!

Allyssa and Trevor are so adorable together.

Look at how sweet they are together! Such a great spot for these two!

(And Jared really loved Trevor's bow tie! And I loved Allyssa's romper!)

I love how Trevor makes Allyssa laugh. Look at how happy they both are.

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