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Tyra Riley | Class of 2018

Tyra Riley is one of the sweetest seniors we've had the pleasure to work with. And super polite! I don't think I've ever been called ma'am so much! We got to spend an afternoon with her and her mom, Sheila, during an uncharacteristically warm December afternoon, which made for a perfect day for pictures. Tyra arrived in this stunning gold shirt and her white lab coat, which she earned after taking three years of medical intervention classes. She is involved in the PLTW (Project Lead the Way) biomedical track, with aspirations of being an anesthesiologist. In addition to her medical professional goals, Tyra is also a member of the Caring for Others club at Pattonville High School.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to talk to Tyra about her classes, teachers and time at Pattonville, since it is also my alma mater (and the school district I work for; Tyra's mom and I work together)! It was fun hearing her positive experiences with teachers I also had as a student. I also found out that she lives about a road away from where I grew up at and lived until sophomore year of high school.

It was such a pleasure getting to spend the afternoon with Tyra and her mom! I wish Tyra all of the best in her future! I can't wait to see where she goes!

The Muny is probably one of my favorite places to photograph, and Tyra's gold shirt and black heels fit in perfectly with the beautiful architecture!

Tyra's laugh is so contagious!

Look at those killer boots! I LOVE the gold in the heels. And it matched perfectly with her gold, sparkly top and dangly gold jewelry. (Gold is her favorite color after all!) And the pop from her green nails! Stunning!

The one request Tyra had to include in her pictures was her white medical coat. It take a lot of work to earn one, so I don't blame her one bit! Especially since it's what she is looking for in a career.

The light at Forest Park that day was wonderful; I just love how it washes in behind Tyra in both of these images. And I love how happy Tyra is!

We didn't talk about it much, but I did ask about Tyra's tattoo on her right arm; it's her mom's name, Sheila. So sweet!

Just one word ... stunning!

More stunning! Tyra looks so comfortable, and I love her smile in both of these images!

Towards the end of her session, we ended up by the Jewel Box, looking for a tree that was dedicated to a family member. In the search, we found this wonderfully shaped tree!

Tyra is such a wonderful young woman! Smart, kind, beautiful and everything in between!

And how she made it through her session in those heels is beyond me! :)

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