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Michael Schell | Class of 2018

Meet Michael! He's a senior at Fort Zumwalt South. It was exciting to talk to him about journalism, since he works on the school newspaper. He said he enjoys features and writing about entertainment. Michael is hoping to go to Mizzou and he's interested in a career in writing, possibly comics. We also share a love of entertainment, especially the Marvel movies. It was a beautiful afternoon and a great time spent with Michael and his mom!

I really like this picture of Michael! He's got a fun, almost laughing smile!

Michael was determined not to give us a "real" toothy smile, but every once in a while, he let one slip, and I just love it! He just looks so happy!

I think this is one of my favorite pictures of Michael! It's a great look at his blue eyes, and a happy smile!

Even though Michael never changed clothes, we got a few insights into his style, between his plaid shirt and leather jacket, his beanie and the transition between glasses and no glasses.

I hope you have a wonderful senior year, Michael!

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