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Kollette Hoffman | Class of 2018

Meet Kollette! She is a member of the Class of 2018 at Timberland High School. We were honored to meet her and work with her on her senior pictures. It was such a pleasure getting to know her. She keeps herself busy. She is a varsity dancer and on the soccer team. Last month she was named homecoming queen at Timberland. She is involved in HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), and is looking at going to Maryville to become a doctor or nurse practitioner. The day of our session, she was evening hosting a campfire for her fellow HOSA students! We were honored to spend our afternoon with Kollette!

Everything about Kolette's style is amazing! And I love all of her dangle bracelets! It's a perfect look!

She is such a sweet person, and I just love her expression here!

One of the things Kollette specifically requested was incorporating a big picture frame into some of her pictures. Her mom found this one in the basement, and I think the effect turned out pretty neat!

Another thing her mom requested was railroad tracks. We won't photograph on live tracks (because it's super dangerous, and often illegal), but I remembered these old, dead tracks at Frontier Park. I think they turned out pretty good!

One of my favorite things about this picture is that you can see the little strip of pin her hair! Kollette told me it was for breast cancer awareness month in October. It was a neat way for her show her support, and I love how you can get a little glimpse of it, but here you can see it all!

We of course had to incorporate my favorite wall!

I also really loved Kollette's second outfit. And she rocked it well considering it was getting colder and colder as the session went on.

I love the happiness Kollette show in both of these pictures. She is such a genuinely nice person, it was a pleasure getting to know her!

We were so lucky to get this beautiful bridge covered in leaves! It was the perfect way to end our session!

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