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Our Products

One of the things photographers get really excited about it providing clients with their images. In the era of dodge-and-burn photography, we love highlighting the importance of printing your images. I love giving (and receiving) digital versions of my pictures, but I don't just want our pictures to live on a computer or in my phone. I want them in the house, for people to see!

We know that everyone's needs, interests and styles are different. For that reason, we offer a variety of items to help get your images off the screen and in people's hands!

A collection of the products we offer here at Kelly Gordon Photography.

Wall Art

Metal Prints

These are probably of my favorites! Two of the three wall-sized images we printed were on metal (the other is canvas). They are incredible popular right now. Metal prints are stylish and very modern. They are also a little more durable than other types of wall art. The glossy finish makes your images stand out. Our metal prints are waterproof, UV resistant and made from recyclable aluminum. Metal prints do sometimes come with small imperfections, due to the material.

Two of our favorite senior pictures on metal prints. They are a very popular item due to their durability, cost-effectiveness and trendiness.


We also have one of our wedding images printed on these, and it's definitely our "large and in charge" print! Canvas prints are great for any type of image and are great for adding depth on your walls. We print two different types of canvas — wraps and floats. Canvas wraps are the more traditional types of canvas prints you've probably seen. They feature a wood frame and the image wraps around the frame with a 1.5" or 2.5" in boarder. The other type — floats — are my favorite type of canvas. The canvas on a float is wrapped around a lightweight gatorfoam board and there is a foam back on the image to produce the "floating" effect. Canvas prints are great for people who like a more "rustic" look. Something special about the place we print our canvases from: they partner with American Forests, which helps rebuild forests. For every roll of canvas material used, they plant a tree. How cool is that?!

Canvas has a very natural look, and fit perfectly with this little guy on the wooden bridge!


If you are looking for wall art for your home, we are happy to consult with you on what style and sizes will look best for your home!

Prints and Press Products


Prints are still the most popular photographic product. We print all of the traditional sizes, including wallets, but can also print custom sizes for a special project or frame you'd like to fit. Our images can be printed on a variety of papers, from traditional glossy to matte to metallic and even pearl papers, to create a look that fits your style.

Prints are a great way to spruce up walls or fill a shelf.

You can make them stand out or dress them up with mats and frames.

Prints for Sale

We also sell photographic images, that include landscapes, animals and more. See some of those images here. Contact us if you're interested in learning more.


Something I really enjoy doing is design custom cards for our customers. We have a selection of designed cards for most occasions, and also offer custom design at not addition cost. We are happy to work with you to make them match your style, color preferences and personality. All of our cards come in sets of 25 and include envelopes, they just need to be labeled! Here are a few things to think about when ordering cards.

Folded or Flat

Cards can be printed flat or folded. Our flat cards (think of a post card) are incredibly popular for things like graduation announcement cards. Our folded cards are most commonly used for holiday cards.


Our cards come in a variety of sizes, including 4x8, 5x5 and 5x7. We typically recommend 5x7, but love the squareness of the 5x5 cards are well. We can print any card vertically or horizontally to match whichever picture(s) you want to use.


When it comes to paper, there are two main players in the game: glossy and matte. The biggest difference between the two is the shininess of the paper. Think of glossy as looking like a normal photographic print. It has a slight gloss finish and a thicker feel. Matte, on the other hand, is non-glossy and often considered "flat," but in a good way in that there is less glare. Matte is my favorite; if you've ever gotten a business card from me, it was printed on matte paper.We also offer high-end card papers, like felt, linen and pearl.

We know it's a lot to consider, and are happy to guide you along the way to help you decide on the perfect fit for your project!

Senior announcements! Our cards are a terrific quality, and even come with envelopes, so you don't have to worry about finding them somewhere else or getting the right fit.



I recently partnered with a company called Magnabilities. They create this terrific jewelry that consists of base pieces and magnetically designed inserts. Something I love about them is that they let you design a custom insert, so you can put your own pictures and wear them (or put them on a key chain)! Parents really love getting to wear their children's pictures (my mom has a necklace with a picture of me from my wedding). One really neat way I've seen them used is in weddings, where a bride affixes a piece that has a picture of a loved one who couldn't join to something, like her bouquet or to her dress over her heart.

This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It's one of our engagement pictures in the middle of a pendant. And what makes it cooler, you can change out the middle piece ... where a different custom picture every day! They also make jewel and styled inserts, if you want a picture-less option one day.

Metal Ornaments

This is something I make for Jared every year! I find either a picture of us, or something that represents our year and create a metal ornament. Last year I made an ornament for our vacation, which essentially ended up being a national parks tour. The year before, I made one representing Jared completing his first (and hopefully only!) marathon, with his picture on the front and the details like date, location and the time he finished in, on the back. These are such a great memento. And even though they're ornaments, we find ways to display them throughout the year, and just move them to our tree at Christmas.

Our ornaments are two-sided, and we can print any combination of pictures and/or words. There are a variety of different styles of ornaments, from oval to rectangular, to bell-shaped and multiple with a fun flourish! All ornaments include a red ribbon, gloss finish and are made using 100 percent recyclable aluminum.

Just two of our ornaments from an over-growing collection! I really love creating at least one each year. Most places we travel to have ornaments already made, and we still get those, too. But these ornaments are great way to personalize our tree even more. (And we have a BIG tree!)

App of Images

Want an easy way to get your photos on your phone? Something recently new is an app, that includes about 10 to 15 of your favorite images. We send you a link and from there you can download an app with your favorites that you save to your phone. With the app, you don't have to worry about having a good internet connection to see your images, or whether your gallery has closed. All of your favorites are right there!

Albums and Books

One of the best ways to show your images is with an album containing your favorite images. The biggest difference between our books and albums is the pages. All of our albums and books come with layflat pages (instead of magazine style), so none of the image is hidden in facing pages. Albums can be ordered as a square 10x10 or 12x12 or rectangular 11x14. All of our albums start at 10 pages (or 20 spreads). Our covers can either be done with pictures, leather or fabric.

Here are a few of the albums and books we've designed! I love this because it really highlights how awesome the layflat books are. While we still try not to put important things down the middle, it's great that the fold is seamless, and you don't lose anything from your images. Brilliant!


Albums are printed on thicker, professional-grade paper and the pages contain a black core.

Unlike books, albums can include matte pages and/or a few different cover options, like a textured cover with a window image or engraved text. Albums are most common with wedding packages.


Our photo books are also created using layflat pages, but the pages themselves are not as thick as albums and are printed on completely white paper. Books are great for senior albums. They also make great guest books for weddings, serving as both a signature area and for letting people see your engagement pictures.

Parent Albums

Parent albums are a condensed version of your wedding album. They are the same great quality, but a little smaller. They contain eight pages and are sized at 6x6, which is also a great "travel" size.

One final look at our albums and books, with focus on our covers, which can either be a photo or a material. And our albums can even be printed like Nic and Pedro's.

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