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Jake Sprenke | Senior | Class of 2017

Meet Jake! He's a senior at Francis Howell Central High School. We met him and his mom on Easter and they essentially took us on a little tour of Cottleville. We are familiar with the area right off the highway (because of the Moe's!), but didn't realize there was such a great downtown area and park so close. We talked to Jake about him, school and his family. We learned that he is the youngest, and thus the last to graduate, which is coming up this June! Crazy!

Jake's mom, Shelly, helped us with some location scouting. She explored this great park. One side is pretty and park-like, which is where we started at. I particularly love this bridge she found.

I'm so happy we were able to do these pictures, and that it's green and pretty out! I think the metal bridge combined with the grassy background is perfect!

There was also this great "downtown" area that really reminded me of Main Street St. Charles. And it had these really fun colored buildings and this great big clock in the middle.

I think these are two of my absolute favorites from the session! I feel like Jake was starting to get warmed up to us, and he was a lot more relaxed. And we got these really wonderful expressions, like this one on the right! It's a great sneaky-grin smile. Perfect!

Jake also really liked the poses that involved sitting and leaning! And he seemed pretty relaxed when we did that, especially combined with letting him look away from the camera!

While we were sitting here, we talked a little bit about video games, and found out that Jake is an Xbox guy (Jared's a Nintendo guy!)! I think the thing he was most looking forward to about the session was that, when it ended, he'd get to go home and play video games! :)

Another couple of great expressions here! Jake really didn't want to give me a true, toothy-smile, but I think these fun grins and smiles are a great reflection of his personality! And they showed off his dimple that Shelly was excited for!

This was the other side of the great park. It had a sand volleyball court, jungle gym and dog park. Jake told us about taking one of his dogs there and it going crazy in the mud, digging stuff up, and all of the other owners trying to keep their dogs away, so they didn't get the same idea!

We really enjoyed photographing Jake and spending the afternoon with him and his mom! Thank you so much for letting us photograph Jake!

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