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Tog Meet and Greet

This October day last fall was crazy busy! Jared and I set up shop at a craft fair at Francis Howell Central High School that morning and stayed through the afternoon. It was a terrific fair, where we met some wonderful vendors (the girl next to us was selling these AMAZING wreaths and some great people (we've even had the pleasure to book sessions with some of the families that visited the fair — thank you to all of you!)!

Following the fair, a group of fantastic photographers had set up a gathering that allowed us to get together and take some pictures. They organized the afternoon, and found these terrific models for us to work with! Because of the craft fair, we weren't able to spend the whole afternoon with them, but were fortunate to be able to join them for about 45 minutes at the end (which we were super thankful for, given the great sunset!). They were in this sweet little place in Foristell called Towne Park. I'd never been there before ... that's a bit of a long drive for me (though, that doesn't take much!). But I would definitely add this park to my list of "destination" locations. It was so great, and offered so many different looks!

It was great to talk to other photographers and hear their successes and struggles. And it was so much fun to shoot beside them and hear their process and how they work. I think we all learned a little something from each other (maybe me learning more from them than them from me, though!).

Following that, Jared and I stopped at the mall ... I still needed a "costume" for the next day's GO! Halloween run (I hadn't found anything that "spoke" to me yet!) ... I ended up with a Pink Ranger shirt (which I was able to wear to see the new "Power Rangers" movie last month!), after running out of time to put together one of my other ideas (Simmons will happen one year, I promise!). Then dinner (at about 9 p.m.) and a stop at Target on the way home to complete Jared's needed accessories for the next morning's run. :)

I am so glad we were able to join the group and meet some super talented photographers. It looks like we might be doing a dance-related session this summer, and I really hope we can participate! It would be a great opportunity to catch up with these ladies and photograph some super skilled dancers!

Here are a few of the pictures from our evening last fall!

She is just stunning, and I absolutely love the light from the sun, and how it all works in this field.

Everything just came together perfectly for this shot!

One of our brilliant and fearless leaders had the great idea of brining a blanket, which was incredibly smart, considering that grass was not at all soft!

This was my first time photographing a mom-to-be, and I am so thankful to this sweet and beautiful lady for putting up with me and my unknowingness of the pregnancy world!

More of that lovely grass and even lovelier ladies! :)

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