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Friday Five | Origami Owl Charms

As you know, I love all things customizable! The idea of creating something or picking out something that's unique to me and even unique to how I'm feeling that day is super important. One of the things I've recently become obsessed with is Origami Owl (O2). If you haven't heard of it, it's a jewelry company that focuses on lockets that have charms and plates and dangles and fun things to create a unique piece of jewelry that shows off what you love. Check it out here.

This spring, I signed up to be a designer (because I don't already have enough to do, right?!). My mom and I went to the Working Women's Survival Show and when I saw the O2 designer, I knew it was finally time to get the Harry Potter charms I've been dreaming of! (I'd seen them for a while, and just never did it, so it was like seeing them there was a sign it was time!) As I was picking out the pieces I wanted, I talked to the designer and she gave me all the details about the money you save as a designer. For less than $50, I could sign up as a designer, get $100 in free jewelry and then continue to get the things I like at a discounted price. The idea of essentially spending half for my Harry Potter pieces was pretty appeal, and I love a deal, so I signed up! Since then, I have been buying like crazy, and sharing, too!

Earlier this week, O2 released their fall/winter collection, and added so many pretty new things to my list! I just ordered some awesome new pieces, and I'm planning a jewelry bar with a friend at work to show off all of the amazing things we're getting this fall. And the release made me think of sharing my favorites with you! So this week's Friday Five focuses on my current five favorite charms ... and what other charms I wear them with!

Camera Charm

I mean, obviously, right? This one is part of the new fall/winter collection. Not only do I have one of these puppies, but I've got another on the way and have two camera charms from a previous collection. Yeah, it's a problem! But I love how this one has the little diamond-y bits in it! I keep one of these in the locket lanyard I have for work (it's got this, a newspaper charm, PSD letter charms and plate I designed). I also keep one with my travel and hobby charm sets, and now I'll have one for backup! :)

Cat Charm

Another obvious one, right? I love the little kitty charm, especially because it's just an outline, so you can imagine it as your cat (and that it doesn't have the colors of a cat that doesn't look like yours or sit like yours). And the cute little pink nose in the middle is perfect for our two girl kitties! I also have a few of these. I have one hanging from the same chain as my bar pendant (one side has K&J for mine and Jared's initials and the other side has I&B for Izzy and Bella, our cats). I also have two others to fill a locket that I put in with things related to my family (birthstones, ring for our wedding, a house charm, etc.), as well as simply a favorites locket. It's a good filler for pretty much all of my lockets, because kittens!

Hogwarts Crest

I think I have all of the Harry Potter-related charms (from the Harry-Ron-Hermione trio to the Snitch to a welcome to Hogwarts letter). And I'm not embarrassed to admit it! Typically I keep a Harry Potter-themed locket ready to go. It often has the crest and the character trio charms and then some combination of the Snitch, glasses and lightning scar, Deathly Hallow symbol and eagle (for Ravenclaw). Sometimes I'lll add the Hogwarts crest charm to a favorites locket. Or even a locket related to reading (I have a few book charms and an "I love to read" charm). I also have a character locket that I can add more chapters to including Dumbledore, Luna, Sirius, Hagrid and McGonagall charms. I love them all!

Claddagh Charm

I was a bit surprised to see this charm in the collection! The claddagh is an Irish symbol that represents love (heart), loyalty (crown) and friendship (hands). It's often seen in the form of a ring. Despite my Irish heritage, I didn't really know anything about this symbol until 1998. My favorite show of the time (I don't think "Charmed" had premiered yet! I had two favorites when that happened!) was "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and it was in the second-season episode "Surprise" that Angel gave Buffy this ring and explained its meaning. As obsessed as I was with the show, I hung on to that symbol as something I could keep with me. To this day, I still wear a claddagh ring and I appreciate its meaning even more than I did when I was first introduced to it. This one doesn't always get worn as much as the others here (mainly because I do wear the ring), but it definitely makes it into my favorites-themed locked!

Globe Charm

I love this little guy. It's super colorful and super fun. It's a nice reminder of all of the places we've been and all of the traveling we've been fortunate to do. It lives with my other travel-related charms, like the passport, plane, compass and suitcase. It also sometimes goes with my shoe charm (because we do so much walking on vacation!), and sometimes with my collection of teal charms, which includes this, the shoe and a boat (I have a cute teal dress and a cute teal wrap band, so sometimes I just put all of the teal-ish colored charms together to match ... and there's nothing wrong with it! Color can be a theme, too!). It's such a sweet and detailed piece and I love that it fits so many of my O2 locket themes!

See something you love, or curious about what else we have, visit the website here to see all of the pretty things!

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