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Friday Five | Gilmore Guys Part Three — Non-Relationship Guys Edition

We made it to the final Friday Five of our "Gilmore Girl" guys! After two posts about the guys who are in a relationship with our girls, it's time to focus on those guys that make up a big part of the show that weren't with our favorite girls. Our first sets of guys are the ones who really just made us (me) — and their girls — happy. But not all of these guys are like our relationship guys ... some of them made the list just for being a fun character, not because they're necessarily a nice character. Here we finalize our list of the top guys of "Gilmore Girls," and feature those fun side characters that I love ... or love to hate!



Michel is that character that drives you crazy, but in the best way! He completely rounds out the crew at the inn ... he's the hard-to-understand front desk guy that doesn't get along with anyone, except his mom, and maybe Emily Gilmore! Even though he didn't often share that he cared about anyone, you know he actually did care about Lorelai because of the short arc with the night shift manager, Tobin (trying to one-up her on gifts). He got a lot of the great one-liners and was the perfect juxtaposition between him and Sookie — polar opposites in everything from mood to eating habits! His obsession with Celine Dion was at the forefront of most of his actions and even though he could be a tad selfish, he was a blast! (Also, definitely watch this clip; it's high on my favorite scenes list!)


No, Taylor definitely would not make the best person to be in a relationship with, but he was was a great character! He's bossy, rude, self-centered and petty, but he definitely has Stars Hollow pride! He without a doubt made the girls' lives hard on more than one occasion (not letting Lorelai build the inn until she convinced Luke to give Taylor something he wanted ... more than once ... electing Rory as the Ice Cream Queen without asking ... so many things ...). But he did create the ice cream shop, so you can't hate him for that. And he definitely was in charge of organizing some kick butt events and fund-raisers. Stars Hollow was his life, so you definitely felt for him when Jackson beat him out for town selectmen (though, that didn't last long), but he definitely bounced back and will forever be the face of Stars Hollow.


One of Lane's bandmates, Brian was a gem. He lived with Lane and Zach and was super helpful after Lane had her twins. I sort of think of him as their adult child. He definitely kept the band together one more than one occasion and was nice to Gil, despite Gil's perceived uncool factor due to his age. Brian even wrote a song for Lane, when Zach (who was dating Lane) wouldn't (because what rhymes with Lane?). He may not have been the guitarist that brings down the house (asthma and all), but he was definitely a great bandmate and there to do whatever the group needed, both in the band and out of it. Brian was definitely a major catch!

Colin and Finn

The right-hand men for Logan. These two were just fun. They may not have been the greatest guys on the planet (especially girl-obsessed Colin) and were admittedly a bit too friendly with dangerous things, but they were always nice to Rory (at least, when her and Logan became a thing). They were part of the group that helped cheer Rory up when Dean broke up with her (again) and they helped Rory move out of the Gilmore house when she decided to re-enroll in Yale. They also had some fun story lines (like Colin falling in love with a milkmaid). They are two of the best friends someone could have, if you don't mind their behavior! Side note: This clip is probably one of my favorite "Gilmore Girls" scenes from one of my favorite episodes! Please watch it, even if you've seen it!

And while this concludes our list of the top "Gilmore Girl" guys, there is plenty to discuss. Tell me what you think and who your favorite Gilmore guys are!

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