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Friday Five | Gilmore Guys Part Two — Supporting Girls Edition

If you missed last week's Friday Five, go back and start there! We are in the second part of a three-part series on the guys of "Gilmore Girls." Last week we focused on the main squeezes of our Gilmore girls. This week we look at the guys who loved our supporting characters — namely Lane, Paris and Sookie. I think it's safe to say that at least Lane and Sookie has some pretty stand-up guys in their lives, and they deserve mentioning!


Oh my gosh Dave! He may have been the perfect guy! He and Lane met when she joined his band, and they were probably the greatest couple ever! (And possibly one of the greatest guys in TV.) He appreciated Lane's musical sense and understood that Lane's mother wouldn't like him since he wasn't a Korean or a doctor (let alone a Korean doctor). But he earned her respect when he played guitar for family and group gatherings at the Kim house. When Lane finally admitted to her mom that she liked him and wanted him to take her to the prom, she quoted something that Dave was sure was from the Bible (because it's Mrs. Kim), so he read it front to back overnight to understand what she meant, only to find out it was a music quote. There may have been some deception as he was courting Lane, but it was always innocent (just things like how they met) he was always kind and respectful. It was so sad we lost him to "The O.C.!" And Zach's fine and all, but he's no Dave!


Jackson may have been the best husband in Stars Hollow, if not the greatest on the show. He started as just the produce guy, but then he and Sookie went on their first date, and the rest is sweet history! Not only was he a great spouse, he took pride in his work and would even sleep with the zucchini to make sure they were just right! And who could forget about him sticking it to Taylor to become town selectman! He was a great addition to the cast and always had fun lively banter to add to whatever the scene needed. He was sometimes a bit of the comedic relief, but always added something to the scene in a very Jackson-like way. Even though he broke Lorelai's doll house, and he backed out on the whole vasectomy thing and Sookie got pregnant again, he was always there for the girls, and even succeed on his man-dates with Christopher.


Anyone who can handle Paris is a saint! Doyle initially started out as Rory's editor at Yale, and was always a quippy and fun character, but once he started dating Paris, we thankfully got to see even more of him! (And he was definitely a better editor than Paris!) He had his own over-the-top quirks like Paris had, but that only made them more perfect for each other! He even stuck by Paris when she tried to break up with him because she didn't know what she'd be doing post-college. Doyle wasn't having the breakup, and that was amazing; he just strolled in and told Paris he didn't agree and they weren't breaking up. In the revival, we do find that they did get married and have kids but are separated (I blame that on how successful Danny Strong has gotten!). I might also be partial to Doyle for two other reasons: first, he was a newspaper guy, and I loved most everything about the Yale Daily News scenes and, second, Strong was also a regular — and season big bad — on another of my favorite shows: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." But his character in "Gilmore Girls" is fun, smart and the perfect bit of crazy!

Henry Cho

Or, the Chilton boy that tried to be as good as Dave! Henry and Lane met at a party that Lane and Rory went to after Rory and Dean broke up (yeah, the one where she kissed Tristan). While Lane was predisposed to not like Henry — he was Korean and going to be a doctor like her mom wanted! — she of course did, but hid it from her mom because she was worried Mrs. Kim still wouldn't accept him. Like Dave, Henry tried to work with Lane's secrecy and deviance with her mom, but, unlike Dave, Henry just couldn't do. He really just wanted to go on a date with Lane, and unfortunately it wouldn't work. But kudos to Henry for at least trying, and being super nice about it!


You might not remember him, because he was pretty short-lived and not talked about very often, but Jamie was Paris' first boyfriend. They met at a summer government program in DC after her and Rory were elected student body president and vice president. A year older, Jamie was at Princeton while the girls were in their senior year. To initiate the relationship, Jamie shows up at Chilton and teases Paris a bit, taking her books and prompting Paris to "go get them back." While Jamie doesn't show up much, he seems to be a great guy — he invites Paris to join him for Christmas holidays (since Paris doesn't have the greatest family life) and is supportive of her craziness. However, the relations ends up causing a bit of drama because only Rory knows about it, and when Paris' cronies Madeline and Louise find out, Paris gets mad that Rory told (even though it's not exactly what happens), and he is of course blamed for Paris not getting in to Harvard ... remember that epic CSAN meltdown?! And the way he and Paris ended was super unfortunate ... Jamie showed up to Yale for his birthday so he could spend time with Paris, and she ignores him because of her sketchy-ness with Asher Flemming ... you remember, the teacher? Jamie deserved better than that!

And so we have part two! What do you think? Anyone I'm missing?

The third and final part will be available next Friday, and will feature all the other wonderful Gilmore guys that didn't make it on the first two lists — the ones who weren't in romances with our main gals, but deserve mentioning! Check back next week for part three!

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