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Friday Five | Gilmore Guys Part One — Lead Gilmores Edition

One of my favorite things in the world is "Gilmore Girls." I've seen the entire series more than a few times, and it's definitely one of my go-to editing shows (shows to watch while editing) because it's incredibly entertaining, but I also know it so well that it's not too distracting while I work.

If you have ever seen "Gilmore Girls," you know all about the witty banter, quick wit and brilliant characters and story lines. In my opinion, it is a near perfect show. (My opinions on the revival are a little more mixed ...)

One of the most heated debates among Gilmore fans (and even non-fans) is which guy is the best, especially which of Rory's guys. I of course have an opinion specially on that (it's pretty obvious with the list you're about to read!). But what you don't see quite so often is a ranking of all the guys. As I was thinking through my favorite Gilmore guys, I realized that they were almost taking multiple forms, so I decided I'd do three lists to close out the end of summer!

Here are the three parts:

Part One: Gilmore Guys

This week's list is all about the guys who loved a Gilmore girl ... these are the guys who were actually in a relationship (even if it's more of a friendship but wanting more ... yes, that's a hint on what's to come) with one of our three favorite Gilmores.

Part Two: Gilmore Supporting Girl Guys

Next week we'll look at the other awesome guys who dated our support characters (Lane, Sookie, etc.). These are the awesome supporting relationship guys, and there are just so many great ones!

Part Three: All the Others!

And, finally, the third part is everyone else ... because there are multiple characters that don't fall in the first two lists that must be mentioned! These are the guys that are around, but aren't necessarily in a relationship, at least not with our more main characters.

So, to kick off the best of the best — here are the guys of "Gilmore Girls!" These are the guys that loved a Gilmore girl (and in reality nearly all cases lost a Gilmore Girl). In honesty, most probably come in at the top of the best Gilmore guy list period. Even though these are the guys we probably knew best because we saw them among the most often — and that may have made their characters the most fleshed out and thus most endearing — these are the guys that I think are more deserving of a Gilmore girl.


I mean, obviously. You're either on team Logan, Dean (more on that later) or Jess, and I am squarely on Team Logan. He is my favorite of all the Gilmore guys. Sure, he could act a *bit* entitled and he didn't handle some life choices the best (like losing money on that company in season seven), but he always managed to turn it around and do the right thing. He was adventurous and something totally new for Rory. In a way, he was sort of a combination of Dean and Jess — daring/bad boy-esque, but also kind and supporting of Rory. He was also a great resource and match for her journalistic interests (we just won't talk about his dad). He had the right amount of charm and intelligence and was able to help Rory make hard decisions. I still can't watch the episode where he proposes because I wanted him to be the one! (And he may still be, if you've seen the revival.) You jump, I jump Logan!


Max. Medina. Max Medina! The fact that he was Rory's teacher was not ideal (and they probably should have really tried to wait until she was out of his class to start dating), I'll give you that. But outside of that, he was perfect for Lorelai. They definitely had their ups and downs, but had Lorelai truly loved him (I mean, she had to on some level, right?), it would have been perfect! But I guess you couldn't have the first season of a show named "Gilmore Girls" end with one of those girls changing their names ... (yeah, we won't talk about the end of season six ... and she said she wasn't changing her name then, either!). And since he is the only of Lorelai's guys to make the list, let me just close on this: yes, Luke is awesome! ... But to me, Max will always be the best of Lorelai's guys.


The patriarch! Even though Richard and Lorelai didn't have the greatest of relationships, his and Rory's was beautiful. He was the strong dad, the working dad, the dad that wanted the best for his daughter and granddaughter. He did find ways to show his support and respect for Lorelai, whether it be his appreciation when she helped him open his business or telling her how well she did raising Rory, even when he wasn't always necessarily warm and fuzzy. His relationship with Emily was adorable ... sure, like most who are together for 50-plus years, they hit some bumps, but finding a "stray" dog to help bring them back together. He was often reserved, but he presence was always felt. And he was course amazing with Rory!


Oh naked guy! Yes, they were never in a romantic relationship, but that didn't stop Marty from wanting to be. He was one of the kindest, most caring of Rory's guys, and really her only guy friend that she didn't date. While he may have had too many jobs, it was through one of those jobs that he knew Logan, which is how Logan and Rory met. It was unfortunate we never go to see how Marty would have been in a relationship with Rory, though, the way he handled pretending not to know Rory in season seven was pretty immature, but outside of that, he was one of the nicest guys Rory knew.


I know it's totally cliche, but Dean truly was the perfect first boyfriend for Rory. He was kind, supportive and treated her like the most important thing in his life. And he even got along with Lorelai! He may have gotten a little obsessive and overprotective at times. And dumping her for not saying she loved him was pretty ridiculous (though it did give us that lovely scene between Rory and Logan later on), but he was justified in breaking up with her when she was obsessing over Jess. They're second relations (after the whole Lindsay thing, which was NOT cool), wasn't as genuine or perfect as the first, but it was a nice closure for them both.

Okay, now what do you think? Tell me in the comments! (Just know, you will never be able to convince me that Jess was good for Rory — though he got better in later season cameos. And as much as I love Luke as a character, I was never a shipper of him an Lorelai, but did enjoy their relationship.)

And come back next week to see my favorite none-Gilmore relationship guys!

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